Do you ever &quot:air-scratch&quot:?

Air-scratching…you know when you pretend you are scratching on the turn tables during a scratching part of a hip hop song. I am guilty of this myself, although I know I look ridiculous to the people that witness me in my car doing it. I usually hold one ear, then I scratch with the other. I think they should have air scratching competitions just like they have air guitar competitions.

lol @ u holding your ear!

lol. hilarious

I am guilty of having been every member of an entire air-band/group…

its funny too when you catch people looking at you while you are reciting along with a rap song…


Guilty as charged. All the time in my car. I’m a huge fan of 80’s hip hop when there was so much scratchin and cuttin. DJ Code Money, Cash Money, Jazzy Jeff…….

Yeah I do it in the car with the steering wheel or if i’m really getting into some dj piece. Man what’s probly wacker is I make the noises with my mouth though I can’t beat box for ****.
Edit-So Since I’m sure when they look in the rear view and see me rapping they think I’m suffering from Road Rage or Criticising their driving or something.


No, never really thought of it, however I have played air guitar before, there’s a pretty cool documentary about air guitar though.

Maybe once
I dont listen to hat many songs at all witha scratchingthough
I can see how weird that would look if someone was doing that in their car though xD

All the freaking time. One hand manipulating the record, the other moving the fader.

Yes. Especially when DWYCK comes on.

Sometimes when I’m in the car I’ll use my steering wheel…

Please allow me to clarify something. Butt is telling a lie. She does not do this. She does do air drums though. Just wanted to set the record straight.

yo this is a funny question………all the time i grew up in a family of real djs wit turn table and all and they tried to teach me, i jus never got that good…. and now everytime a song is on wit alotta scratchin i act like im the dj….. good ol days of turn tables and diggin n da crates…..

yeah i air scratch

beats buyin turntables yo

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