Do you prefer microwave popcorn, or the real deal?

With real butter?

The real deal, with extra butter!

Real deal with loads of butter! But I’ll certainly do the micro popcorn.

Real but it doesn’t have to have real butter. The yellow powder works for me or even without that.
I bought an air popper forabout 8 dollars at Walmart and it does a big bowl in about 6 minutes with no mess or cleanup because it is dry and I don’t use the butter.
I get areal bag every week when I go to the VA Hospital to support the troops in recovery. They sell a large bag for 50 cents to rasie money to pay for awards for volunteers.

microwave popcorn
with real butter

The real deal with butter.

Nothing like theater buttered popcorn!!!

i haven’t had the real deal in a long time!
i must get some. :]

but for now, microwave

just pass the popcorn salt and butter and some grated parmesian cheese and i won’t care either way

microwave popcorn wit extra buttea

Do not like popcorn of any kind

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