Give me a logical reason why gay marriage is &quot:bad&quot:…?

… without any references to God, religion or anything of that sort. Im curious to hear people’s responses using any form of reason outside of the belief systems of religion. I know a lot of people say that marriage is defined by holy matrimony etc, but Im pretty sure that people not of christian faith can still marry. Now Im not attacking anyone on any grounds, Im not religious and fully support gay marriage. But I also feel religion can be good (for others of course, just not for me) I just want to hear non attacking answers without this topic blowing up into a huge banter, so mature answers only please.

Who’s definition of a logical answer..that’s been the whole debate, really. There is logic on both sides, SSM advocates as well as opponents. Most people can’t see the logic of the other sides thinking..that’s the real problem. So to those people, there is no logic to the other side. Anything they assert will simply be shot down as &quot:illogical&quot: or &quot:wrong&quot:
Again, this applies to both sides of this hotly contested debate.

I’m not here to convince you… but to answer your question.

Give you 1 logical reason… even if you end up shooting it down?


In the Netherlands where SSM has been legalized, they have seen a significant drop in marriage in general. Many teens when interviewed, see no point in it. IF marriage is merely about 2 people loving each other..and nothing more, then why marry.. why not LOVE EACH OTHER if that’s what is important and forgo the whole marriage thing in the first place? Why the messiness of marriage and the possibility of divorce and custody issues?

Many view Marriage as MUCH more then love, and I’m not talking about religion.
Many see Marriage as the incubator of society..the place where a stable structure is created and which society invests MUCH energy to maintain and control, for the purpose of giving the next generation the best possible start in life.
Many view marriage as NOT a personal right, but a social institution.. one that is the very foundation of culture, society, peace and prosperity.
Messing with it is tantramount to toppling the entire foundation of Society itself.
We shouldn’t be doing that.

That is but 1 line of reasoning.

Circumstantial evidence to support this view is that while many ancient cultures had much more liberal ideas about sexuality, the Family unit was never changed. Greeks might have even believed that only 2 men can have TRUE love because women were inferior, YET even the Greeks kept Marriage between a husband and wife.
We see many examples where SS relationships are held separate as one’s Family unit….as a marriage.
We have to ask ourselves, WHY? And we have to ask ourselves.. are WE wise to forge a new standard.. to ignore the past?

In and of itself the past doesn’t tell us what we can do..but it supports the idea that Marriage is a fundamental building block of society and messing with it is dangerous and unrpoven, untested.

Another line of reasoning points to some studies that show that SSM households may not be the best for kids to be raised in. There are no doubt studies on both sides of the debate…which only goes to prove that we simply don’t know.. and AGAIN.. WHY should we experiment with our children, with the next generation, with the building blocks of society? — To many, the debate in Psychology fields is further proof that we don’t have a right to mess with things this important.

Lastly, and the most simply, MANY people don’t see Marriage as a fundamental RIGHT that everyone gets. Society already puts MANY conditions on marriages.. age, gender, familial relationship, custody, inheritance, Child Protective Services, Tax laws, Insurance rights, etc.
Marriage doesn’t resemble a right.. so much as something that the community has MUCH say in.
Many people realize that once a right is given.. they can be rarely, with few exceptions, ever taken back. So even if we approve this social experiment on the grounds of ‘equality’ — if we find out we screwed up, there is little chance we’ll ever be able to change it..thus we may have to live with our mistake forever. MORE reason to be very cautious and protective, then permissive and laize faire about it.


There are even more reasons than that.. but you asked for 1 logical reason and I gave you more than that.. you may pick and choose which ones appeal to you or dismiss them all.
BUT, you can’t say outside of religion, there is absolutely NO logical reason. You may simply not agree with the logic.

Cuz it’s just not right!

see lgbt…..it isnt good for families…..if you dont watn relig youre in the wrong sect.

…can’t think of a single thing…

It’s not.

It doesn’t really matter if it is &quot:bad&quot: since it is impossible. That’s like asking if flying cows are &quot:bad&quot:.

Are ‘Christians’ truly happy?
How can that be? They always see the worst in the world, they always see the worst in people, they are always the first ones to tell another human being that they are going to a non existent fiery &quot:hell&quot: for being different (gay), they cannot accept people for who they are, they live in fear of a raging &quot:god&quot:, they discriminate against anyone who is not a &quot:Christian&quot:, their eyes are trained to focus on hatred, defects and damnation, they live their life believing that the world they live in is the &quot:devil’s&quot: playground, they live their life believing that the world they live in is going to be destroyed in a catastrophic event that’s suppose to destroy and damn every human being that is not a &quot:Christian&quot:, they live their life focusing on negative things, they live their life believing that the world they live in is scum – the list goes on -. How can they truly be happy? I myself see the beauty and wonder in human beings, I see the beauty and love in the world, I see the beauty in the universe.

it goes against whats in the bible and it causes AIDS enough said!!!!

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