Im a senior in high school and I dont know which car to buy for college. Any suggestions?

My top three choices are a 06-07 Honda Si, a 03-04 Infiniti G35, or a 03-04 350z. I really like the 350z but im not sure if a two seater car in college would be a good idea.

Your best choice would first be a vehicle you can afford, not only when you purchase it, but while maintaining it during the entire period of ownership, especially if you’re going to be in college with presumably limited means for repairs.

With the cost of used vehicles being at an all-time high due to short supply and unprecedented demand and the cost of new vehicles being at all-time lows due to remaining inventories, motivated dealers, and highly incentivized sales terms, buy a new vehicle has never been a better relative value, especially if you can find a dealer-driven “demo” that’s discounted even further but comes complete with a new vehicle warranty that will protect you during your entire period of ownership (especially if you extend it to as much as 7 years and 100,000 miles, which would allow you to keep the vehicle even during your first couple of years in the job market as you save for its successor).

Plus, once the supply of used vehicles returns to more “normal” levels the used vehicle you paid a premium to buy to day will suffer doubly from the depreciation of a market without as much demand and the many much more advanced vehicles that will have become used cars by that time.

There are a slew of terrific vehicles out there. The Ford Focus is an excellent choice. Even-better would be the Ford Fiesta, but it won’t be available in North America until Q2 of 2010. The fact of the matter is that vehicles have never been as well-made or provide as much value as they do today, especially as Ford, and GM to a lesser extent have pulled-forward future products and innovation to improve their lineups and win sales in a weak market (and you only need to look at what’s been happening to Ford’s share price to see just how good a job Ford has done). You can even have yourself the 2010 Motor Trend Car of the Year in the Ford Fusion for well under $20K. How’s that for value (and a terrific car to boot!)?

With the end of the year fast approaching and dealers being motivated to win as many sales as they can to achieve sales goals, there’s never a better time for you to buy a new vehicle than today. Plus, many offer additional incentives to college students or parents of currently-enrolled students.

Best of luck. I hope this helps.

Double check with the school.
Some colleges don’t allow freshmen to HAVE cars on campus.
If you are just commuting to school then I think the HONDA is your best bet.

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