Is the purpose of schooling to acquire knowledge or acquire faith?

If the purpose is to acquire knowledge rather than faith, what place has religious teaching in schools?

Well amongst the gaining of knowledge you may gain knowledge of other religions.

However, indoctrination has aboslutely no place in schools whatsoever – unless all religions are given an equal shot at converting the children in our schools.

What schools? Of course in this system of American government (at least for now…hopefully to stay) religion of course should not have a place in the standardized curriculum. But of course many private schools are church based and have religion in the curriculum which is what the parent is choosing for the child and they have the right to do so.
If the point was to acquire faith then I doubt school could seriously give &quot:true&quot: faith to children or even adults. Could it provide the strong and maybe even unwavering belief in a religious &quot:facts&quot: like the story of Moses in the Bible, Mohammad in the Koran, Joseph Smith of the Book of Mormon or Jesus’s resurrection, suuurreee…but that, despite what many might think, is not really all what faith is.

Faith has little to do with facts, things like loving your mother or adoring your child have little to do with just the plain fact that they were born, but more so how you feel in their presence along with other mystical experiences that can’t be explained in cold hard facts.

Knowledge, at least for religion, is not always the best source of faith…although it can help, a lot of times if you do research BEYOND your faith and look up opposing arguments you might find your faith falters.

It’s easy to stick to the Bible or any holy book and surround yourself with it’s supporters but harder to have faith once you have listened to the knowledge of others (despite your own biases) and what people of other faiths or atheists have to say.

And if some people think Christianity should be taught in public (grade 1-12) schools then so should all the rest of religions and just as equally to represent ALL Americans not just the majority…if that were the case, that religion course would be one LOOOONNNGG lesson plan!

The purpose of schooling is to acquire knowledge. I’m a Christian, and don’t think that religion (mine or anyone else’s) has any place in the public educational system. However, if one wishes to support private religious schools, then that’s another matter. I grew up attending religious schools, and received a good education on both the secular and theological fronts. Academically speaking, the religious schools I went to frequently trumped the secular ones. I feel that there is a place for both secular public education and private religious education.

JUst because a school teaches about different religions doesnt mean that class is a religious class! School is to acquire knowledge. That means in many different aspects! Most of the classes that teaches about religions is a humanities class!

The purpose of schooling is to influence the thought patterns of the general public into believing that which is accepted by the intellectuals is absolute truth.

In economics the intellectuals would have you believe greed is good.

In government the intellectuals would have you believe that it is in the best interest of any nation for the rich to control a nations wealth.

In religion the intellectuals would have you believe that it is God wishes for people to kill and hate each other for a cause.

However, the problem with intellectuals who claim their knowledge is superior is that they will never admit they where wrong, and in doing so teach the truth.

Religous teachings or teaching about religions? You can learn alot by learning about other belief systems. But I dont think that schools should be religious. That presents a bias and there for hobbles learning.

i agree, separation of church and state, blah blah, religion has no place in a public setting.

but the purpose of schooling is not to acquire knowledge either. it’s to develop your
bullshit detector.

It’s purpose is to teach just enough so graduates can get low-paying jobs on assembly lines.

Religious institutions started the public school system!

actually, I think secular people have a greater tendency to push teaching world religions in school. I personally am against it, because I don’t believe it’s possible to teach a nonsecular subject in a secular way.

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