Jaguar Vs. BMW (Comparisons)?

Advantages/ Disadvantages. (Faster, more reliable, turning, life expectancy)

Before Jag was bought by the India’s Tata Motors very recently, it had poor reliability.

It’s prob too soon to tell abt it’s reliability now.

BMW has fair, maybe poor, reliablity.

It was downgraded by CR for 2011 for that reason.

Imo, those two manufacturers’ vehicles in general are overpriced to buy, maintain &amp: repair.


Dont buy anything w/o reading Consumer Reports, CR. http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/index… A non-profit testing organization. Free site for basic info. Also @ libraries &amp: bookstores.
Honda ranks #1 in Consumer Reports for 2011. Subaru, Toyota, Volvo &amp: Ford follow in order.

BMW and Mercedes were down-rated for reliability, with Mercedes in 10th place.

GM &amp: Chrysler were 12th &amp: 13th.

Vehicles were rated for performance, reliability, fuel efficiency and other factors.
http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424… Wall St Journal.
http://www.forbes.com/2011/04/13/mercede… /mercedes-gm-chrysler-nissan-business-au… Forbes’ &quot:Worst Cars On The Road&quot: list

Jaguar Vs Bmw

BMW has a much more steady flow of development and is a steadfast company. jaguar did not have the same flow of development, going thru ownership by many diff. corp.,their cars are very expensive with hard to find, very expensive parts. Jaguar will die from low sales.

jaguar is not so reliable. its a sister company for aston martin so it is known for its luxury. life expectancy, fast, reliable cars are bmw. go for it. jaguar is like a benz more of luxury concentrated, but no reliability.

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