Lewis and Clark expedition?

I am not telling you to do my homework. My teacher is making us do this thing about Lewis and Clark. And on the sheet it says A description, accompanied be a journal entry, of major discovery of the Corps (the discovery can be either a geographic feature or a living thing found in nature)…my question is what does she want me to do? Can you explain it more Please. And Thank You!

each day of their journey lewis and clark and their indian guide traveled on foot and wrote in a journal about the day’s events here is an example of an entry http://www.nationalgeographic.com/lewisandclark/journey_leg_1.html o.k. they saw waterfalls rivers and many animal species so pick one and describe how they felt when discovering it…………this is an example of a journal entry and a discovery……………………………. &amp: Clark in Montana
On April 25, 1805, the Corps of Discovery camped by the riverside near the future site of Fort Union. Lewis and Clark hoped they were only weeks away from the Pacific via an all-water route, the mythical Northwest Passage. The group rested and celebrated their arrival at the confluence of the Yellowstone and Missouri rivers. The expedition journals noted the spot’s potential as a trade location between two navigable rivers, the early highways of commerce. Entering what would be Montana led the expedition into the land of the Blackfeet. Their first contact with this tribe had been less than promising.

well, for example, you could give a description of an animal discovered on the lewis and clark expedition. then, write a journal entry talking about what you found and maybe some characteristics of it, accompanied by other details of teh expedition, such as sacajawea’s indian &quot:skills&quot: (maybe for cooking), running out of food and the corp’s animals &quot:disappearing, and/or the weather and the current report from lewis and clark.

read the journals of lewis and clark – they will tell you exactly what they saw and did.

You are correct, they visited Louisianain for Mardi Gras and in doing so were able to secure statehood for Alaska. They brought back refrigerator magnets made in China.

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