Men&Women what does it mean to &quot:self-police&quot:your own gender?

Men&amp:Women what does it mean to self-policeyour own gender ?

Would self-policing ones own gender be important ?
If so how ? How would you go about it ?

If not …why not ?

self-policing is calling your buddy on his bad behavior, when he’s too wound up emotionally to notice it himself.

Guys self-police all the time. If one guy is telling his friends about an argument he had with his girlfriend, his buds will say something to him like, &quot:So, basically, you were a pr_ck to her.&quot:

Women aren’t very good police. They make even worse self-police. That’s why, whenever a girl has an issue with her boyfriend, all her girlfriends chime in with the same familiar chorus that deflects any responsibility onto the cat with the penis. Come on girls, you all know it. Sing along:

&quot:He’s a jerk and a loser.&quot:
&quot:He doesn’t deserve you&quot:
&quot:You should dump him&quot:
&quot:You can do better!&quot:

Women are constantly self-policing. As in, what we wear, what hairstyle we have…you know, telling each other we’re not wearing the right things and so on. It’s the same with behaviour…women knock other women’s behaviour, as in, she’s a skank, slut, or whatever. That’s judging type stuff. But if one of us is out of control, another of us will make sure we get back to the right way of being. Sometimes just a look will do it. I don’t know what guys do, but women can be quite hard on one another. It happened to me a lot when I was in school and wasn’t towing the PC hardline on certain issues. I was banished from certain groups of women, but that’s okay. These things go on all the time.

I believe according to feminist theory, that means to apply the age old treatment for hysteria to members of their own gender (ie. themselves), as wikipedia states:

&quot:Typical &quot:treatment&quot: was massage of the patient’s genitalia by the physician and later vibrators or water sprays to cause orgasm.&quot:

Apart from that I suppose there is the Queen Bee and Wannabe style relational violence that movies keep being made about, and girls keep getting eating disorders over, but that nobody seems to do anything about.

For example labeling one another with pejoratives which mean promiscuous (and that Yahoo filters) because they are jealous of the attention the other is getting.

In some respects, both the above men’s answers are right – usually, I’d rather give to the National Front than agree with them, but men are rougher with each other than we are.

Women are subjects of long brainwashing – by both sexes – advising us to be circumspect around men, (in case we annoy them), so we talk to them cautiously. We add little tag lines to the end of our sentences like &quot:Shall we?&quot: or &quot:What do you think?&quot: or &quot:Maybe I’m wrong?&quot:. These are supposed to be ‘appeasing’ to males. Because we have a long history of being told &quot:A woman’s place is in the wrong&quot:, we are slow to chastise sisters even when we think they could be at fault.

That’s what I ask of these women who &quot:aren’t like that,&quot: what do you say to women who do behave badly and hold low-integrity perspectives? I certainly police my own gender.

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