The best of the rest tournament continues. Who would win the 85 Nuggets vs 84 Nets?

Being that these tournaments are becoming my speciality I decided to start another tournament with 32 teams. I call it the best of the rest. It consists of teams that had strong seasons, but not champions or championship contenders. For instance you won’t see the 90’s Knicks teams in this because they were contenders throughout the 90’s. None of these 32 teams won an NBA title. A couple got to the finals but were completely overmatched by better teams.

Today’s matchup is 85 Nuggets VS 84 Nets Below are the lineups. , . Nuggets have homecourt. Between 84 and 85 Denver was 3-1 versus the Nets

C – Wayne Cooper F/C Dan Issell (Older)
PF – Calvin Natt G/F Elston Turner
SF Alex English G/F Bill Hanzlik
SG T.R. Dunn G Mike Evans
PG Fat Lever

84 Nets
C – Daryl Dawkins- F/C Mike Gminski
PF – Buck Williams-
SF Albert King G/F Mike O’Koren
SG Otis Birdsong G Darwin Cook
PG Michael Ray Richardson G Kelvin Ransey

Below is the full list of teams and first round matchups in the full tournament.
BQ – Which of these matchups do you want to see next.

1) 04 T’Wolves 58-24 DEFEATED 32) 94 Denver Nuggets 42-40

2) 89 Cavs 57-25 DEFEATED 31) 07 Golden St. Warriors 42-40

3) 97 Atlanta Hawks 56-26 DEFEATED 30) 94 Miami Heat 42-40

4) 01 76ers 56-26 DEFEATED 29) 76 Phoenix Suns 42-40

28) 93 Charlotte Hornets 44-38 DEFEATED 5) 08 Hornets 56-26

6) 90 Spurs 56-26 DEFEATED 27) 91 Golden St. Warriors 44-38

7) 09 Nuggets 54-28 vs 26) 67 San Francisco Warriors 44-37

8) 83 Spurs 53-29 DEFEATED 25) 05 Washington Wizards 45-37

9) 85 Nuggets 52-30 vs 24) 84 NJ Nets 45-37

10) 01 Bucks 52-30 DEFEATED 23) 06 L.A. Lakers 45-37

22) 75 Chicago Bulls 47-35 DEFEATED 11) 05 Sonics 52-30

12) 05 Rockets 51-31 DEFEATED 21) 84 NY Knicks 47-35

13) 07 Jazz 51-31 DEFEATED 20) 01 Toronto Raptors 47-35

19) 70 Atlanta Hawks 48-34 DEFEATED 14) 98 Hornets 51-31

15) 07 Cleveland Cavs 50-32 DEFEATED 18) 07 Chicago Bulls 49-33

16) 77 Houston Rockets 49-33 DEFEATED 17) 02 Celtics 49-33


Well, let’s start with the front court.

Alex English was a scoring machine that year, 28 PPG, and Calvin Natt could score, pass, rebound, and he was a decent defender. Wayne Cooper was mainly a defensive guy, he could block any shot, but he could still rebound and score a little. Darryl Dawkins was a huge guy, and a good defensive and offensive player. He could do a lot. He had a very high FG% aswell. One of my favorite PF’s ever, Buck Williams. GREAT rebounder, and a good scorer. He could even defend. He shot at a high FG% also. Albert King reminds me of a bigger Delonte West. Good defender, and was a good contributor to his team, nothing GREAT though.
The edge in the front court goes to the Nuggets.

Back court.

Well, T.R. Dunn was a good defensive player. :/ Horrible offense… Really all he can do is defend. Fat Lever is one of my favorite PG’s. He can do everything. Score, pass, rebound, and a pretty good defender. He was great at the point for the Nuggets. Otis Birdsong was the best offensive player on the Nets, at the time, and he can put him 25 any night. High FG%.. Only thing I don’t like about him is the fact that he isn’t a good passer, or rebounder. I mean, decent rebounder for his size, but nothing great. Also only a decent defender. Michael Ray Richardson was OK.. He could score a little, not your best passing PG.. A good defender though.
Edge goes to the Nuggets.


Yeah, Dan Issel was older, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t good for the team. He was a good scorer and rebounder off the bench for the Nuggets, and he was a good contributor. The rest of the nuggets bench wasn’t that great. Your average 8 PPG off the bench. Kelvin Ransey was a good passer. He reminds me of Earl Watson.. I know, a weird comparison. The rest of the Nets bench is pretty good, actually. Good rebounders and decent scores.
Edge goes to the Nets.

Nuggets win it, 3-1.

Wanted to go Nets from the first glance. But close enough to pull the games log in 84 they split 1-1 and in 85 Nuggets won 2-0 in the series.

Do like Michael Ray and Birdsong (UofH Cougar) but English avging 28 a game and Natt at 23.3 with Lever, Issel Evans and Cooper all in Dblg Figures avg. Nuggets #1 in Offense and a 52 win team. Got to go Nuggets.

Nuggets 3-1

Now if the Nets wouldnt have waived Dirk Minniefield in 84 early in the season then maybe.

Solid matchup here.

This was the Nets team responsible for defeating the defending champion Sixers in the first round that year. Coach Stan Albeck, merely promised Nets &quot:a victory.&quot: Turns out it came to three wins and a win over the defending champion 76ers. They were a solid squad consisting of troubled Michael Ray Richardson at the point, the vastly underrated Buck Williams: their leading rebounder, the vastly overrated Darryl Dawkins who was a Sixer years prior to his Nets stint, and the often forgotten Houston alumn, Otis Birdsong who was their leading scorer. Albert King was also a solid contributor here.

As for the Nuggets coached by Doug Moe: they went as far as the Conference Finals in 85 but lost rather easily to the Lakers that season. We all: or most of us know about Alex English and the scorer he was in the 80s. But a guy many might overlook here is Calvin Natt, who averaged a quality 23ppg and 8rpg that 85 season. Fat Lever was a very quality point guard dishing out 8 apg, and Dan Issell who was aged, still contributed 12ppg. Wayne Cooper was also big on the boards, putting up 8rpg, and 12ppg.

Overall, I like the Nuggets here despite the Nets penchant for upset victories. Too many questions like surrounding the likes of the inconsistencies regarding Richardson and Darryl Dawkins who often disappeared during the playoffs. Buck Williams will help them, but I actually like the underrated duo of Natt/Cooper and Issell off the bench to contain Buck here. Fat Lever was also a better floor general then Richardson. Alex English wouldn’t be halted by Albert King much either.

Nuggets 3-1. (Just as long as the Nuggets don’t have to use Danny Schayes lol.)

Interesting – another good advantage to one team up front and a good advantage to the other team in the backcourt.

Up front, I like the Nets here – mainly because of the age of Issel by this time. Still very physical and capable, but with Dawkins and Buck Williams up front, I see them out muscling and rebounding the Nuggets over the entire series. While the two horses for the Nets are the two best players in the power positions, I would not overlook Calvin Natt either, for he could trade elbows with the best of them as well.

However, in order to rebound, there has to be missed shots. With shooters like Alex English, T.R. Dunn and Fat Lever on the possessions that he does not decide to pass off, there won’t be a lot of them. Everyone knows of English, but Dunn was able to benefit off the high octane Nuggets offense as well. Birdsong was a nice offensive weapon as well, and when he was on, Micheal Ray was probably the premier PG not named Magic at the time. Problem was that his drug usage affected his play, since you never knew which Micheal Ray you were going to get – kinda sad when you think about it.

Since I can see more consistency from the Nuggets overall here, I believe thier offense here more than makes up for any disadvantage they may have under the boards.

Nuggets in 5.

This matchup is the battle of the backcourt (significant edge to Wizards) to the battle of the frontcourt (significant edge to the Spurs). Even on the downside of his career, Gilmour could still battle under boards with the best of centers, and the Wizards certainly don’t offer that here. I like Iceman’s scoring, even if this is not the same Iceman who lit up the ABA. Jeffries was capable and might be able to match Gervin here for the scoring. And while Jamieson is a nice player overall, I would like Mitchell here as well for the defense and rebounding. The PG slot is probably the difference in the series here, because Arenas is a great playmaker, shooter, and even plays well defensively, something that is not recognized very often. I certainly believe he would be a better floor leader than Moore. Hughes would also be a dangerous scorer in this series. Finally, the Wizards have a big athletic advantage here – not because of the difference in eras, but because the best players on this Spurs team are all on the decline, but had enough left in them for a nice season. Gotta go with Washington on this. Wizards in 4

The 1985 Nuggets win by Four

BQ: 2009 Nuggets vs 1967 Warriors

I don’t know: I wasn’t even alive!

don’t know and don’t care

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