Updates/thoughts/questions from the 1st Penguins preseason game VS the Montreal Canadiens?

Guess who scored the first goal for the Pens (when they were down 1-0 to the Montreal)? Sidney Crosby.

Guess who was on his line? Max Talbot and Colby Armstrong. Wow. Didn’t see that one coming.
(Crosby scored the 1st goal of training camp too… It’d be cool if he scored the 1st goal for the Pens of the regular season now!)

– Laraque dropped the gloves already, with some **** from the Habs. Laraque: 1, NHL: 0.

– Fleury went all super MAFers and gloved a slapshot by Corey Locke… Who’s Corey Locke? (Lol.)

– Max Talbot was his usual hustle-bustle self. He got a couple of the 1st shots of the game off. I just don’t see anyone taking his job…

thanks for all of the updates. any updates on how sykora is doing? i kinda figured him to be on line with crosby, to add to the force that is Sid!! Im assuming you were also at penguins training camp this year? if so, those scrimmages were pretty good. ruutu’s move in the shootout of sundays game was pretty damn good! though, he skates way too slow on shootouts, haha!

ps. love the line &quot:went all MAFers&quot: that is classic!!

Who’s Corey Locke?????/
He’s a very good friend of Sidney Crosby’s actually
Corey Locke was the Canadian Major Junior Player of the Year right before Crosby, and is a 2-time scoring champion in the OHL. Sadly, great junior, probably not an NHLer.

As far as Armstrong, Therrien said at the draft that he would try and use Crosby and Armstrong together more this year. I hope he does because they played well together to end the 2005-06 season.

The fight was with Andrew Archer by the way………big guy…not known as a fighter. I doubt he gave Laraque much of a fight

Watch your language Erica, GAWD, it’s only a preseason game. I can imagine how you’ll be when the real season starts! ROFL! jk, jk, xD Seriously though, Fleury will be good. The Avs are just starting their game, but I really don’t care about the preseason. As long as no one gets injured, I’m happy. I agree with Armstrong being on the same line as Crosby but I’m not sure which wing he’d be better off playing. On yahoo it says he’s a RW, but the Pens have Sykora and Recchi to fill RW, so someone’s going to have to switch wings.


Damn, they lost. At least the Avs won in OT. Yay for Stastny!

How can you compare Pittsburgh Penguins the most bandwagon fans in team sports, the same organization who almost went under bankruptcy twice in their franchise to a great history of the Montreal Canadians who have one of the loyalest fans in the league? It’s a no brainier the Montreal Canadians! And i’m not even a fan of the Canadians but I know the game and pittsburgh penguins organization isn’t even close to Montreal. Get real pens fans..

Where have you been? I’ve had the search dogs on standby for two weeks already!

To answer your questions about Pittsburgh’s second favorite sports team, I’m really surprised that Talbot and Armstrong were Crosby’s linemates to start preseason. If anything, I think Michel Therrien is going for the Mario Lemieux/Joe Dzedzick/Petr Nedved effect circa 1995-96. I wonder how Angelo Esposito is doing (has he recovered from injury)…

I’m really looking forward to seeing Dany Sabourin in goal soon, to see how he does (remember, your fantasy team’s success depends on him). By the way, it’s good to see Mr. Laraque in mid-season form already!

Oops! All the excitement and the Habs win with team B?

Who needs Crosby when you’ve got Alexiiiiiiiii Koooooooooovalev!


From watching the highlights of the game, I can only say one thing- Sideny Crosby is by far the best hockey player on the planet.

2-2 now!

-Aw they hurt that poor plexiglass

– The joy of Overtime

Wow is Crosby trying to set a penalty record?

Sounds like a fun game.

lol It’s only preseason no worries..they’re getting the rust knocked off

I hope pens win the game. I wish I could watch the game.

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