What do you think of Republicans new Job Plan, You work, you don’t get paid called Georgia Works?

They take unemployed people than have them work for a company that compnay doesn’t pay them an they just do work for that company on the tax payer dime

i guess we don’t need unions workin for free is the new republican motto

So what else is new? Reaganomics created various thousand new millionaires.. And dozens of recent billionaires. yet in the technique it placed homestead possession and school education out of attain for the hundreds of thousands of middle classification individuals maximum probable for something of this united states’s existence. In that is place skyrocketing debt for the two persons and the rustic. Republicans fee short term income for some. that is exceptionalism at that is worst. of course they might desire to unencumber family spending. those are funds which make u . s . of america a greater ideal united states and her electorate greater delicate. Creates a greater reliable industry. Republicans understand the huge salary made out of shortages and deficits. death, concern and hostility are their modes of administration. no longer cooperation. 80% of Republicans thoroughly fail to realize any this. Mccarthyism is in basic terms that effectual a style of propaganda on particular human beings.

It won’t work with the parameters I have seen

Companies will not use free labor for any skilled task, so the concept of getting training is a pipe dream. If companies were to put workers into a position where they would get REAL marketable skills then I might be for it.

So, what will happen is that companies will be getting free unskilled labor. And, it could actually have the impact of keeping unemployment higher because companies will be getting free labor and won’t have the need to hire.

The unemployed continue to receive extended benefits while training for a new job. What’s the downside?

That actually sounds more democrat than republican, you just missed out on the bus those same workers to the voting booths to vote democrat.

Training and getting work experience while collecting unemployment is fine by me. Hopefully they are learning some valuable skills that will help them find work later.

Corporate welfare is fun for every one. Instead of employing these people in public works, lets farm them out to private business.

I bet if I checked into that, i would find You are a Liberal, therefore a liar piece of ****.

I’m sure you can provide a credible source for your comments!

They collect unemployment whilt they are in training.

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