Why are some Christians so quick to judge other Christians?

Why is it, that if I as a Christian, don’t believe the same doctrine or interpret God’s word differently, I am ridiculed and/or ostracized? Why if asked my opinion about a subject am I verbally attacked for giving my opinion because it doesn’t coincide with some other Christian’s opinion? For instance, when talking in a small group where other Christians were present, the subject of same sex marriage came up. I was asked my opinion by a fellow Christian. I responded that I didn’t see a problem with it as long as churches weren’t forced to perform the ceremony if they didn’t approve. I said that I figured if they were happy than that is what counts the most. I was immediately verbally attacked and told that I was unChristian. That it was against the bible and therefore I shouldn’t condone it. I wasn’t condoning, it was my opinion. And how was I being unChristian when Jesus himself taught about compassion and love of our fellow man despite our differences.

This is a difficult subject because things can be interpretted incorrectly by both sides. I am mormon so I know all about other christians judging me. With that being said, I dont like when people say we dont have the right to judge at all. We of course have to make judgements in our lives and in society. Sometimes when we tell someone we think their viewpoint or their actions are wrong they tend to get defensive, too, and go on the attack.

If you were to tell me that Jesus would be ok with homosexual marriage I would not agree. We would probably debate about it and depending on each others tone it would either stay nice and friendly or maybe get a little heated. That is how religion and political debates tend to go that is why most people dont engage in them. I would never call you unchristian or question your faith, but some people if you just disagree with what they consider a christian or a belief to be turn on you, too. I wasnt there. You claim you were bashed and ganged up and and maybe you were. It just also might be that maybe you got a bit defensive as well, though. I would suggest you look back at your own words because heated debates tend to go both ways. The way you worded this question seemed to not only condemn those that were judging you, but to also get some sort of vindication that you were right with your answer which makes me wonder if you werent doing to the others what you accuse them of doing to you. I am not trying to attack you or anything, but in my experience, it tends to go both ways.

We all have to judge for ourselves what is right and wrong and who we are going to associate with based on our value system. It is not wrong to judge. What is wrong is not have a basic respect for our fellow human beings or their beliefs. If you are going to get into a discussion about religion you need to realize some people take it very very personally. Either you engage in it, cuz lets face it, sometimes its fun to have a lively debate, or avoid it. But in reality arent you judging those you claim are judging you?

Following another Gospel is a worse sin than that.

You are right they were wrong. Tell them what you have said here and see what they say. They are not only judging you but gay people as well.

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