Why did Bush send an additional 30,000 US troop to Iraq (surge) instead of Afghanistan?

What does Iraq have that Afghanistan does not that warranted this choice?

That is certainly a fair question, it looks like some of our allies are stepping up and sending more troops into Afghanistan to help us out there. Things are really heating up in Afghanistan now. I put a link below on a recent article from vanity fair. Similar articles have been published over the last few months.

The reason they were sent to Iraq instead of Afghanistan is that there are UN soldiers In Afghanistan. More countries have invested soldiers and money to the Afghan cause where is they did not agree with our stance in Iraq.

looks like that police common is in with the Taliban. Why else might he say US troops are needed? i’m sorry yet this dem believes in getting those at the back of 9/11. Bush ought to have never invaded Iraq and wasted the time, supplies and the lives of our provider adult males and females by utilising forsaking them in Afghanistan. this is obtainable the Taliban could have been compelled out by utilising now and their training grounds leveled. this is obtainable Ben weighted down does not have been waiting to flee to Pakistan. we are going to never comprehend because of the fact of W’s incompetence and ego. ############### CINNER: Are you for genuine? You heavily think of Bush did reliable in Afghanistan? Boy, do I also have a bridge to sell you!

Because the situation in Iraq was deteriorating to the point of Civil War.

Al Sadr and a growing insurgency!

Edit: I guess you want me to say &quot:Oil&quot: but how about the number of &quot:Lives being lost every day&quot: US and Iraq citizens or does that count?

Very Proud Vet

A huge offensive in Iraq since the US flubbed and went to war in the wrong country … I mean, since the US decided to take over Iraq.

Because militarily, that was what was deemed necessary. About 10 times more American soldiers and marines were being killed in Iraq than in Afghanistan.

Why don’t you enlighten us with your military expertise? I’m sure it would prove amusing.

Now that Iraq has acquired a chapter of Al Qaeda, it has everything that Afghanistan has.

more violence in iraq = usa sending more troops to iraq

Afghanistan has no oil, only poppies, and Bush quit Heroin years ago, or so he says!

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