As a black man, is it wrong that I feel like the most objectified man in society?

Ok, I’m 20 years old, I’m black, and I go to college. At times though I feel that I and other black men are the most objectified men in society by women of other races, like we’re just these shallow sex toys seen in porn with 10 plus penises, and stupid *** ignorant hip-hop cavalier, gangsta attitudes. We’re probably the most idealize, objectified men on the planet, and it’s most of the time based on no proven myths by women outside, of our races. And half the time our women are looked at like **** which isn’t the truth. I feel that no one likes a black man or looks to any other type of black man, but gangsta’s which seem to be every white and Asian women’s sexual fantasy these days. We are also used as rebellion toys to piss of daddy like, Oh look I’m dating this black guy, **** you, mom and dad

Keep feeling like a victim, that’s the way to have a really good life.

Stop letting stereotypes control how you think and act.

I would look at a few aspects.
1. You’re in college:
Some college students still have the mind-set of a teenager. Sometimes teenagers are stereotypical beings.
You are in an environment where many students come from different demographics. The students from suburbia will hopefully learn during college that they are stereotyping and realize they should stop and see the big picture.
2. The media:
There are different types of media. In order to catch people’s attention, they focus on more dramatic issues.
•the first black man or woman to…
•inner-city crime (focused on particular demographic areas, such as LA and New York).
•entertainment industry
3. NaГЇve perspectives:
•For some reason people believe just about everything in the media.
•they are never exposed to other experiences around the world, so they don’t know what’s out there.
•majority white schools put a lot of time focusing on the Civil Rights movement. They make a big deal about it, (maybe unknowingly)causing white kids to think there is separate equality between whites and blacks.
Many things happen in this world that cause people to stereotype.
In Jordan, Arabs will harass American women walking on the street because they think that all American women do is have sex with all men. They will harass pregnant women even more because she has proof that she has had sex. They follow them, clap, holler and make comments. This is because they see American women in Pornography. They don’t see Arab women in pornography. It all depends on what you are exposed to. How to fix it? There may not be an answer, but that’s why there are conferences, discussions, debates, etc. Someone may know what to do.

The fact is that sexual objectifing is a bad thing because brings you down to the level of a thing, a pretty mannequin or a piece of meat to nibble a bit. That’s, sadly, a malecentric society, so if a woman leans over to another woman complimenting the nice body of a guy, the guy feels himself able and entitled to bring the same woman to the &quot:object level&quot:. He soaks himself in compliments, and reacts pecking and touching the hottest of the two. So, the sanest and most proper men may feel such women as bubbly airheads, but most men would feel quite flattered, because they’re they feel on the first step of the podium

should it really matter as long as you no who you are I’m a white women and i know there are some nice black men and women out there and tbh a black or white gangsta really is not my fantasy someone who i could have fun with is (not sexual) so hold your head up high and be proud of what you are.

Harold stop being so old fashioned it’s the 21st century and to be honest if i have a connection with a guy it doesn’t matter the Colour of his skin or were he’s from

I think there is some truth in what you are saying. A lot of what you are referring to comes from the media. The media is pushing this image of the black male because it sells. Its kind of like sex in the media. Sex sells. The same way that negative stereotypes make waves in the media, it is because it gains profit. Unfortunately the blacks males who are feeling the way you do suffer for it. Part of it is the media’s fault, and the other fault of it is the black males who perpetuate those stereotypes. In other words, some responsibility is on the black males in the media who are participating in actions that lead to negative stereotyping. The only advice I can give you is to be the opposite of what society expects or believes. Being African American does not mean you have to subject yourself to what others have said or do. It only means you are African American. You choose whether you will act the same way or not. I do agree that those stereotypes are there, but in order to push past it, you have to choose to go the opposite direction. Its quite sad but in our world, every culture is stereotyped.

look buddy that’s the way it is some things will never change .
the fact that you know these things shows that you are not weak in the mind the day you give in to their weak tactics and propaganda is the day you die as a true black man.
those gangstas and sex slaves I call them f-ck boys are still enslaved.
download some public enemy and chuck up the deuce and keep steppin cause when it comes down to it.
it’s the greatest form of flattery

id tell you not to worry im black aswell but people think stupid about this sort of stuff they think that we’re something that were not.
everyone is the same and we all have equal rights, just because in the past we were slaves it doesnt mean that now we should suffer. times have changed and we work as hard as they do.

the gangster stuff comes about because of th fact that we tend to go into gangs because our previous generations have been poor meaning that we may not be necessarily wealthy making most black males going into crime BUT I SAY NOW NOT ALL OF US ARE LIKE THAT

dont worry about these things, dont get wound up these people are stupid and neeed to get a life. times have changed and you need to show them that. the best way is not to react because they will just say oh look BLACK MAN or something but just leave it and proove them wrong by doing the total oposite of their steriotypical views

I had to laugh at this. I grew up in NYC, and thank God I did. Amazing how much race plays into every day life in the rest of America. Sure it does here in NYC but not to that level.
regardless I hear what u saying, me having grown up in Spanish Harlem. get used to it, those stereotype are not going away. Hell I’m Latino and there are tons of stereotypes against us. Be us Mexican, Dominican, Puerto Rican, etc.
I loved my first day of college when my boy and me went to the same school. So we’re at the caf and this blanquito (white boy) comes up to him and says in his most crackerish Oklahoma accent, &quot:Yo homie wassup, y’all brothers go here&quot:. I didn:t know if my boy was going to choke him or bust out laughing like I did. and this, a college here in teh Bronx in NYC. loL! hey, remember what Paul Mooney said, &quot:everybody wanna be a ni..a but don:t nobody want to be a ni..a&quot:

if you say so, i don’t think of you that way…get out of that stereotye, your in college which is a first step, also date a graet african american lady who shares your point of view forget about other ladies if they feel that way. all in all dont keep that stereotype in your mind. most women of other races dont even think like that thats what the media is trying to put in your mind. remember the media doesnt really matter, its very inaccurate!!!

Makes you realise we have a long way to go before you’re seen as just another human being, no different in any way except the colour of your skin to anyone else, doesn’t it?

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