Do you consider your house, apt, condo etc…. Mansion big, Average medium, or shack small?



i live with my parents but that’s understandable i’m still in high school. You can’t compare property size where i live in NYC and say someone with property in the country. I mean by country standards my property value there would probably be the size of 1/4 of their property yet their entire property plus home is $300,000 while mine is a lot over a million. Some people would consider my house a mansion others wouldn’t. Living in NYC if you live in a not so rich neigbhorhood you’d probably say my house is a mansion. Living in the country you’d probably say my house is average medium because in the country all the houses are mostly bigger than mine. In NYC you pay for neigbhorhood, in the country you pay for property size.

I’d say average.
There are six bedrooms in my house altogether. Only four of them are in use and the other two are a guest room and an office/guest room.
We have four bathrooms, one is not a complete bathroom.
We also have a basement which my parents are currently almost done redoing and making that into a sort of master bedroom. (one bathroom is in the basement.)
We also have a kitchen in the basement (it’s new) and a regular kitchen.

We don’t have a pool, but we do have a hot tub.
We also have a two car garage.

I’d call that an average American home.

Average medium

I live in a small shack behind your moms house

Ugh its a SMALL square shaped apt in a horid building filled with noisy kids and sex offenders.

My house is huge and I live on 120 acres of land

I could re-invent Woodstock out here


It’s a Medium.. I’m looking for a Large to accommodate my many babbys.

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