DO you LOVE the JONAS brother????

if you do give me a star!!!!!!
love the jonas brothers?????????

Who the hell are the Jonas Brothers? Never heard of them.

YES! I can’t understand why people don’t like them. They have no real reasons. JB rocks! They are amazing performers, singers, and all around musicians. They really connect with their audience too. And let’s not forget that they are incredibly hot! So yeah I love the Jonas Brothers! And I starred!

i looovvveee them!
&lt:3 Nick
One heart for each Jonas!

YES!!! of course i do!!! how could anyone not love them? they’re sooo talented, down to earth, and hot! 😀

Peace. Love. Jonas.

yes i love the jonas brother
whatever to the haters

I love the Jonas Brothers!!!

Omj!!! I have O.J.D.!!!!!

(Obsessive Jonas Disorder!!)

I love them so much!!
Kevin’s my favorite!!!

I think that they are so nice, sweet, kind, talented, hmmmm hawt! cute, beautiful, stylish, good hair!!! hhmmmmm everything thats good!!!!

BeSt MuSiC eVeR!!!!!

I♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ them~~~!!!!!!!!!!!! with all my heart!
Whoever hates them is gay ugly stupid hideous messed up completly!!! i love them tons!

And I’d do anything for them!!!

Yes i love the Jonas brothers. can’t wait for their new album!!!!!!!!!

what i want to know is
if everyone who says they love/like jb just like nick &amp:/or joe
and hate kevin…or not
jw =]
i love them all though
kevin is my favorite =]
then nick
then frankie (hes adorable! even if he isnt in the band)
then joe
(sorry joe fans) i love him, im just not like a huge fan who loves everything he does &amp: whatnot, but he IS funny. =]
theyre music is amazing! which is the most important. if youre a true fan, you must like their music more then their looks. =]
great question!


i dooooooo

i love them
mostly nick

its so funny how half of the answers are from Jonas Haters
they are so lame

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