Does having sex hurt? (gay)?

I’m 15 and I’m a virgin (gay if you were wondering) and I would like to know if hurts to have sex (me or the other person, or both?) and what you think the right age is for sex for me?


Since you are only 15, stick with stuff that would definitely be lots of fun.

So, *if* you find a really nice boy close to your own age who is up for a bit of romance or trying stuff out, I would…

— Snuggle with another boy naked, with lots of kissing, making out.
— Jerk each other off (mutual masturbation) — that’s just great fun.
— Oral sex can be really intense and incredible feeling — both give and receive, then do it mutually at once “69”.

Don’t do anal until you are a bit older and really deeply want to with a guy you love who loves you back. It will be heaps better that way.

But anyway, with sufficient preparation, it doesn’t have to hurt, and it can feel crazy good. But you have to be “open” to your guy, want him inside you, and use tons of lube. It definitely is cool to penetrate, but one must be extremely gentle and slow, and only go in halfway, not shoving in the whole monster. The only possible problem is if you are with a guy with a huge penis, but even then you can work it out.

Anyway, anal can be waaaay intense and amazing, but since that is your last virginity, join it with love and make it mean something.

Just have fun for now in the other ways I mentioned.


EDIT: Where do you live? Laws are different all over. Generally speaking, if both of you are close to the same age, say within two years of each other, you won’t be breaking any law at all.

First of all there is no right age, it really depends on the person and when he or she feels that they are ready. Now as far as it hurting, I would guess it all depends on what you are into. If you are into the basic stuff then no it should not hurt. If you are trying anal for the first time it may hurt just becasue you are not used to being on the recieveing end. The only thing that i can suggest is just make sure you relax and lots of lube. Lots of Luck to you.

Well if the laws true I broke it because I had sex at 12… LOL… It hurts at first but then it feels SOOOOOO nicce

a littel, the first couple times. i know this and im under the age of 16. why are so many of these answers so anti gay.

It will probably hurt to have sex the first few times. Just make sure you use plenty of lube and also protection to avoid unwanted diseases and possible infections. When you are ready, you will know.

no it dont =]
dont lissen to them dick who tell you to get a life =]
im 16 and bisexual, i am more towards gay tho, i am still a virgin, but i used, lets say toys, and it dont hurt, dont worry, and btw your old enouth when you feel ready for it =]
just make sure its with someone you love <3, i hope it works out for you, you sound like a nice kid, dont let anything get you down for it, its not a crime

Yeah for the first time or a couple of times it will hurt. But if you do it more often, the pain will decrease.

Dude, just ignore the others…
They are just jealous that most of the best guys are gay… Like me, HA!!!

Anyway, yeah well first time hurt like s.h.i.t… huh, weird word to use… But it did hurt alot at first, not like a killing pain or injury pain, just uncomfortable… but it got ALOT better…

I would say leave it til your 16 or more… not younger…

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i promise it will feel great after a few more times john… i promise!

the first time always hurts the person on the bottom the first time and as far as if you are ready you will know everyone matuures at there own speed

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