Great pranks to pull?

So I need great and clean pranks to pull on my brother. It’s okay if it hurts him a little 🙂 like a fall or such, nothing too serious. Has to be funny. Any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks

Use a razor blade (or a sharp knife) and cut a big slice all the way down his tube of toothpaste. Then use your fingers to make sure that the slice you made lines up and looks nice and smooth and not too noticeable. The toothpaste is thick enough so that it won’t leak out of the tube. Then the next time he goes to brush his teeth, he will squeeze his tube of toothpaste and the whole thing will squirt out all over the place lmao.

Things you’ll need:
A small tricycle
A small, yet scary, clown.
Your brother to be out of the house

I saw this on TV… lol

This has to be at night. Tie fishing wire (or some thin, clear, wire) to a small tricycle. Put the clown on it and wait near the front door with the wire in-hand. As your brother comes in the door, pull the tricycle toward you.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3xDw2nilqU – If you want to see it in action

My mom is actual paranoid approximately my risk-free practices. So sometime she got here homestead from artwork at 11. I tousled the residing room I placed a knife on the floor and my cellular telephone pronounced 911. I left the door open and ran away to my friends. Hahaha!

NEVER do any pranks to anyone unless you would have no objection if the same prank were done to you. When the victim finds out it was you, they may not do the same as revenge, but far worse.

try putting some type of white powder like flour in his pillow and when he hits it poof flour surrounds him or if you want something less messy try switching something he’s eating with ketchup with a lot of hot sauce or dare him to o the cinnamon challenge and instead of cinnamon on his put powder Kaine pepper or something else that looks the same do this by a simk

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