Has anything supernatural ever happened to you?

I have always been curious about things like these. I have never had my own experience (thank god) so I wonder if yours happened.
i know this question is susceptible to a lot of trolling lol but please be as honest as you can and include details.

Long stories are always welcome.
thank you.

Yes many things.

I have seen the apparition of a teen boy in an old abandon electrical station. You could only see him from his chest upwards, below his chest there was nothing there, no body.

I have also seen an apparition of a little girl about ten. See was standing by my bed just staring at me with no expression on her face.

I have also woken up to see a shadow person standing by my bed with it’s arms by it’s sides leaning over me!! as soon as i yelled, it stood up and vanished.

One night i was laying in bed awake when i felt something lay on top of me. I put my arms out to push it off thinking it was my daughter wanting to get into my bed, but when i went to push it off i couldn’t feel anything there. I try ed to lean over to turn my lamp on but whatever it was was making it hard for me to do so, but i did after what seemed like forever get the light on and as soon as the light came on whatever it was disappeared.

On several occasions at night while sitting in bed reading a book i have felt something sit down besides me on the bed.

Many times in our house we hear very loud distinctive sounds of foot steps creaking on the floor boards.

We have this door in our house that on many times has just started shaking violently for up to a minute!.

I have also seen a ufo. It was 5:17am and i was at my local oval waiting for my trainer when i saw a ufo hovering above some trees near by. It was round, metallic and had orange lights all around the middle of the craft and the craft made no sound at all. I was so scared, after standing there hiding behind a wall watching for a good five minutes on my own! that i started to panic and ran home which was only two streets away. All that was going through my mind was omg i can’t believe this is happening and what if they try to abduct me, lol. It was a good 6 months before i would ever go out at night again.

I have had a ghost throw a coin at me. It just missed my head and hit the wall next to me. Have no idea why that happened because this ghost had never ever done anything nasty to any of us in the 8 years that we lived in that house for.

One night i was house sitting for a friend who had just bought the house in the country. On the first night out of nowhere all this really loud banging started. It was every where and not in just one spot. It was loud banging on the walls in the hallway,kitchen,bedrooms and so on except for the lounge where i was sleeping the night in. After this went on for a minute or so it would all stop and i was just so scared! there was no where i could go for help. I was out in the country and the nearest house was a half an hours drive away and there was no phone. About ten minutes later the banging started again! I was really shaking by then and then the noise stopped. Then there were foot steps coming down the hallway towards the lounge room where i was and then the door started to open! At that moment i jumped out of the lounge window and ran! It was a very very long and cold walk to the nearest neighbour! and was very embarrassing when i had to knock on there door 1am and explain to them that my friends house was haunted. But they were really nice and didn’t seem to disbelieve anything i said. I told my friend her house had a ghost and she laughed at me but a month later and she moved out. Would not admit it was because of the ghost but, lol.

Me and my friend used oija board in a burnt down &quot:haunted&quot: insane asylum and nothing happened…except while we were walking around afterwards alone(we split up) we both got really cold and felt really vulnerable. i saw two ghosts. the first was in a room with a huge lock on it, it was for patients with dementia. as i walked out and glanced back I swear to God I saw a face in the window that is next to the door. the window was for giing the patient food and stuff like that. I’m assuming it was an old patient.

The second was a full bodied figure. I walked up the stairs to where most of the activity is supposed to take place. the most active room was at the end of the hall. the stairs led up to the opposite en, but when I looked across the hall to the other end I saw the figure, it was a red silhouette, but very clear. there was no mistaking where his body stopped and started….and as soon as I saw it the entire building got really cold and I decided it was time to leave :]

Also, if you’e heard of the Anson lights up in Anson, TX, that works too. not every time though…you may have to try it a few times. google it.

Okay well, I won’t bother with things having to do with spirits, but I’ve always been told I have a very good intuition.

One day, I came back from putting my cat outside, I always tie her with a leash to the deck. We live in the city and I can’t really let them wander around, they could easily get hit by car…Anyway. Minutes went by….10 maybe 15. I was reading in my living room and I got a very sudden feeling of urgency. I knew something was wrong but I couldn’t tell what. Then, it hit me: &quot:The cat, it haves to get inside, now. The cat isn’t okay, she’s in danger.&quot:

I ran to my backyard because I just KNEW something was wrong, no doubt of it.
And I was right. My cat was dangling by her neck over the deck, trapped in the leash.
I quickly jumped down, supported her weight and took off her collar. Luckily, she had one of those cat collars that goes around the body, under the belly. Else she could have break her neck.

To this day I really don’t know how I randomly knew she was hurt, and I had to go to her.
I didn’t heard any sound at all. I wonder if it isn’t she who….perhaps asked my help telepathically??? ah….I can’t tell. All I know for sure is I have a great bond with her, and all my pets. So it must be connected somehow.

(Pardon my english, not my mother tongue so….ha)

I have had a few experiences with what I would call paranormal. The first time I heard my name called out but I did not feel it was anything that could not be explained. I thought it was my imagination. I worked in a hotel that had been reported to of been haunted and I heard others talking about two female ghosts that had been encountered by other employees and guests.I was alone working one evening and I heard my name called out , it was in a woman’s voice and she just said &quot:Tim&quot:. There were no other females working that evening. Just a man working in maintenance . It came from a balcony area just above the Lobby. I looked up as that was where it came from. I came from behind the Front desk , where I was working and actually walked up a stairway to see as I was curious. I did not see anyone. I thought about it for a little bit but just laughed it off.

On another occasion , I was in the same area in the afternoon working with another individual and from out of the blue, I had my name called out again. It was the same womans voice but this time I heard it over the security radio. She just said my name again. I was immediately taken by this as I knew I was not mistaking. My co worker heard it but whats more is , I called out over the radio to ask the security guard if he had heard it too and he said yes. There are no woman who work with the security company or have access to this secure channel. I knew then I was dealing with something paranormal. The following day a housekeeper heard me talking about my experience and she said &quot:Oh , you just heard Mrs Converse&quot:. A woman who had lived in the hotel for years and all the staff were familiar with. I have had other experiences in different places at different times but at those experiences I had at the hotel changed me. . Take care .

Well yeah, when I was a kid, I used to have a lot of supernatural encounters. The scariest ones that I still remember to this day were those &quot:stars&quot: that slowly move through the sky. At a later age I was very happy to find out that those are plain satellites 🙂

So far there’s no supernatural things happened to me but I love watching show or movies like this.

Aren’t you the same troll that’s asking about sending back your adopted child?

Hmmmmm. No. Nothing. Maybe it’s all psychological. People are schizophrenics

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