I’m curious this a question for Republicans only?

Honestly there seems to be almost no one in the 2008 election that would make a good president. McCain would be just as big an idiot as Bush and Giullani is mostly gaining support because of sympathy over 9/11 and way too much news coverage. I think that out of all the possible candidates Ron Paul is by far the best one. He has an agenda that is exactly what this country needs and sticks to his decisions and doesn’t lie. He voted against the Iraq war. If you don’t know him here is a link to his opinions on the issues facing the U.S: http://www.ronpaul2008.com/html/Issues_fx.html.
So herese my question: Why doesn’t he recieve as much news coverage as candidates that are a much worse choice for America? This man seems perfect for what the country needs. Why is he such a sleeper I mean wouldn’t you much rather have him then John bomb bomb Iran McCain as your president? I’m curious and I’d like to here from Ron Paul supporters. Lets get behind him and make this thing happen.

First off, it is way too early for serious contenders to even have their hat in the ring. Mostly the media is responsible for name recognition as far as candidates go. They want people with story potential so they push their stories.. They have lots of juicy info that they want to bring out a little at a time to sell their product. I am personally waiting on Fred Thompson to enter the race. He is a true conservative and an honest man. I think a ticket with him and Huckabee would be a big winner.

Ron Paul is a Doctor from Texas and is and always has been a libertarian, I understand that he has run as a Republican in Texas and won his seat in Congress but on the whole he is not going to have the party stand behind him until he shows that he has some sort of staying power, He ran for the office of the President before and garnered very little attention, but it must be pointed out so have a number of other people. I like Ron Paul and will vote for him, but unless he gets some real money behind him then he won’t fair very well,…. and I hate to say that .

Note: May 1, Some one has said that most Republicans are pro war, allow me the observation, but WWII was FDR a Dem. Korea was Truman a Dem, Viet Nam was Kennedy,&amp: Johnson both Dem. Oh I almost forgot the Bay of Pigs Cuba, Kennedy. Iraq, (#1)Bush Rep. Kosovo war Clinton Dem. The Iraqis have violated the UN accord 17 times and should have been dealt with by Bush daddy and certainly by Clinton, but wasn’t and it is being taken care of by Bush son ( I really don’t like the guy ) and he is doing a good job of it no matter of your personal thoughts but don’t lay war on the Rep. not fair.

It’s still really early. However, the dems are worse – they are all socialists! As for the GOP, I agree that McCain is an idiot. He’s a dem with an &quot:R&quot: next to his name.

I really like Tancredo &amp: Hunter becasue they are tough on illegal immigration. But they can’t win. I don’t know anything about Ron Paul except that he has less support than Tancredo &amp: Hunter.

While I’m not thrilled with Rudy, so far he’s the best out there. I think it will be Rudy and Hillary in the general election. Rudy will squash Hillary like a socialist bug.

Just to start out with a positive note, john paul really made a good last stand in the republican debate, but the answer to why he really isn’t in the headlines could be because he doesn’t have enough people backing him up. i like him because he really is on his own unlike McCain who i saw in Tennessee last fall ( by the way, when you see him one on one, he looks like he is a dead corps with patchy skin.) is really known because he survived a prisoner of war camp. Gul is onlu known because of the nine eleven and so that has got him big plabicity, i really didn’t know of paul until last night and so i have been rooting for Romeney because he gets so much crap about being mormon (even though he isn’t the only one out there with a religion), but he has so many people who look up to him because he cares about us in america more then what he has already done for america

The main reason why he is not getting support is because he is apart of the &quot:Fortress America&quot: wing of our party. Isolationism is just not viable. When we have done that we have ended up making up for it in the long run. I like his views on taxes and borders and many policies, the reason i can’t get behind him is because like every other President Republican and Democrat he is going to wait for something to happen to us before we do something. We can’t afford to do that anymore. Glad you are involved though.

It SEEMS to me that most Republicans are pro-war, and right now pro-Iraq War. They narrowly define aggression in the militaristic sense. Ron Paul does not share their particular concern about Terrorism (he realizes how it’s been &quot:sold&quot: to the American public and amped up) and fighting it with a strict military approach.

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