Is a third-political party ideal for America come 2008?

I am a registered Independent. I was raised Christian and was a Republican up to two years ago. I still have some of those basic morales in place, but I have found myself irritated by the extreme left as well as some of the extreme right. After researching out nation’s history of why there are only two parties, our use of the electoral college, as well as the fact that we use majority representation in Congres, instead of proprotional representation as they have in Europe, I have conluded that a third party of American Independents would be a fantastic idea. Furthermore, knocking out the electoral college and the idea of majority representation would give us a dramatically fresh and prosperous dempcratic overhaul! Us Independents are moderate, meaning no extremes when it comes to major issues. The democrats are just lunatics, and the republicans can be so stupid sometimes, it makes me want to spit bullets!
If we could overhaul our political process, would you vote yes?


I’m hoping that a third-party candidate will emerge who is moderate enough that they will be able to pull votes from both sides, and give the Repubs and Dems something to worry about. I think that would make the Repubs and Dems more answerable to the citizens, instead of the special interest groups.

From an economic standpoint, competition by multiple parties is good. The more people who compete for your vote, the harder they will work to make it the best bargain for you, the voter.

Think about it. We don’t have to chose between Coke and Pepsi, we have Sprite, RC, and Snapple to choose from.

What if it was only Beatles or Stones? There are other great classic rock acts to chose from – the WHo, Led Zep, and even Mott the Hoople.

What if Breyers only made vanilla and chocolate? How many would miss strawberry, or butter pecan, or cookies and cream?

We have been made to believe that there can only be a two-party system. Your references to the Europen models are noteworthy and demonstrate a more representative form of government.

I also would imagine that a third party would bring out more of the vote. We still can barely get half of the population to get off the couch and to the poll.

For this to work, we need lobbying reform. The system we have now can only thrive on a two-party system which is why we have so much corruption and scandal.

A third party would be a wonderful idea, if only more people would support it. We’ve had several parties that usually succeed in taking 5% of the vote, but that’s it! So some people are afraid to vote that way, thinking their vote will be wasted, or taken away from one of the major party candidates.

Maybe ’08 will be the right time for it!

You couldn’t be more correct in having (AT LEAST!!!) a third party. Sure, we have other parties. Here in Oregon, some of them are even on ballots regularly: Greens, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, Socialists, and Independents. But the hopes of them getting anywhere NEAR close to being voted in: because the two PRIMARY parties (I don’t even have to name them) rule the roost, and if a voters are afraid to vote for one of the other parties because they are afraid that it will &quot:throw&quot: the elections–which it sadly would. However, if we could have, say, 7 or eight parties that were close to being equal, that would be great!

The question is how to get that going. There are currently too many corporations and wealthy individuals donating to just the two major parties.

Sounds great, where do I sign up. oops, I must of been dreaming, that type of change will not happen as long as everyone’s fat and happy. Each side slowly chips away at our rights and then one morning the masses will wake up and say &quot:how’d we get here?&quot:. A civil turn to a third party is not possible in my opinion, it will need instead be a violent event – unfortunately. I pray I’m wrong

That’s what voting is. Unfortunately, you have to convince enough of your fellow voters to vote that way also. Check out the Libertarian Part at the link below to see if you might like what they stand for.

I think the Green Party should try for more power, only if more of the US public would give them more support.


What needs to happen is Republicans actually do what they run on. No more of this moderation garbage.


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