Is it true that the murdered, gay choir director at Obama’s church knew Obama AND Larry Sinclair?

Is this what you were trying to post and it was blocked:
. Will this murder and the sudden retreat of Obama’s internet defenders who have been caught lying, leave Obama and Campaign Manager David Axlerod vulnerable for further exposure on this matter?

Yes. There’s a story there. Initially I thought it was nonsense with Sinclair, but there is something to all this now that more names are coming out. Anyone see the movie Primary Colors? Where they are looking for dirt on a supposed clean candidate – and end up finding more dirt than they even imagined. Don’t be shocked. If Clinton investigators don’t release it on Obama, then the Republicans WILL.

The choir director, Donald Young, at Wright’s and Obama’s church was murdered. Sinclair passed a lie detector test about his &quot:liaison&quot: with Obama.(Three and a half months ago)

Apparently, the gay choir director was being used to gather information from Sinclair then suddenly he was murdered.

Yeah and Vince Foster and Lee Harvey Oswald, too!!

Quick. Alert the Tinfoil Hat Battalion. New conspiracy is hatching!!

I knew someone who was murdered. I also know some gay people. I am worried.

wow…the clintons even had people on the south side of chicago liquidated?? wow !!!!!

Why do you think so many people in the clinton web of influence mysteriously die like that ???

Beware of the Clinton machine.

ooh oh hemm dear sweetite dead is he

What does him being gay have to do with anything?

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