Isnt hypocritical and ironic liberals claim no govt in the home?

or bedroom when they proclaim the right for homosexuals to marry, yet liberals want to regulate home schooling, especially those children who are being raised by conservative God fearing parents. Isnt this hypocritical? Shouldnt parents have a right to teach and raise their kids the way they see fit?

Yea, it strikes me a strange that they think it’s a violation of privacy to listen in on a conservation when a terrorist makes a call to someone in the US, but then demands the gvmt to handle their health care including have access to all of their medical records.

I’m glad I’m not a liberal, I couldn’t remember all the rules of who to hate and what I should support…..

Children should be given the benefit of a full education. Homeschooling should be held to the standards of public school in that certain material should be covered and all homeschooled students be tested every year to discover if they are actually being taught.

A homosexual’s activities are not for public view, and in my opinion their actions do not harm society. Uneducated people can be and usually are a burden on society in that more people who are uneducated are on welfare. In the interest of my tax dollars, I feel that homeschooled students should be required to learn at the same level as their public schooled counterparts.

I honestly don’t see how one affects the other. The actions of homosexuals do not affect society negatively just as heterosexuals of different races do not affect society negatively. The personal opinion of the individual (i.e. racism) cannot be taken into account when making laws about a person’s freedom. Laws that forbade people of different races marrying are considered violations of rights.


Liberals believe in little government interference in private lives. The government should not be enforcing religious laws to prevent certain types of people from marrying.

I’ve never heard that liberals want to regulate home schooling. I am a liberal and as far as I am concerned, if someone wants to miseducate their children, that is their right. They can teach their children that evolution, global warming, and gravity are myths for all I care.

Do you have a link that shows that your claim is correct?

I didn’t think so.

To raise your children to be predjudice and hate anyone other than other Conservatives is not a good thing.

You are right, my wife and I are home schooling our children. We had to become licensed to become an institution. We chose to be a religious based educational institution. Our first ammendment right allows us to teach what we believe. There are plenty of crriculums you can purchase that are religious based.

Apples and oranges.
Homosexuality concerns consenting adults.

Children are not given much of a choice on their education, and (I assume) the argument is that children need to be protected from parents who may improperly educate them before setting them loose into society.

I have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m fairly liberal and I’ve never heard of liberals wanting to “regulate” home schooling.

Homosexuals are adults.

Home schooling needs to have some regulation just like regular schools, to make sure some terrible “teacher” doesn’t ruin their life by not teaching them well.

Nothing a liberal says or does is logical, their opinions are based merely on feeling.

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