Israeli strike at a mosque kills 5 Palestinian children?


Israel is killing children, destroying mosques, and demolishing universities. Is this a war on terrorism? or a war of annihilation?

let us think of the places that would be on the list
assuming that police stations already has been hit
private houses
private cars
street walkers
so this is the bank of targets

i may well be outraged and declare conflict yet Egypt is in mattress with Israel so they gained’t do something. They welcome the Israeli movements and any words indicating the choice is only window dressing to assuage their inhabitants Mubarak performed an significant place interior the learning of the conflict. He stocks the Israeli objective of destroying Hamas, which he fears by using fact of its links to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. 2 days before Israel released the conflict, Israeli distant places Minister Tzipi Livni paid a pass to to Cairo to tell Mubarak of Israel’s plans. whilst the conflict began, Egypt made confident its border with Gaza remained closed, thereby blockading the only plausible get away direction for the encircled Palestinians.

A war of annihilation. They are bombing anything and everything – they are not targeting hamas….hamas are not a threat..what are they going to do…attack with home made weapons that dont go over the wall far enough to do any damage? Israel is just using hamas as an excuse to take over palestine and kill innocent people. In the past two days they bombed a hospital and today the attacked a boat which was taking essential supplies to palestine.. I dont see what those things have to do with hamas? Israel is the terrorist nation…someone needs to stand up to them.

Great point Danny1, why is it that Israel is incapable of taking out those who are guilty without destroying the whole place. If they have such a great military why are there so many civilian casualties. And as for those who say Hamas is hiding behind people, therefore forcing Israel to kill innocents, so that makes it ok? 10 Palestinian children for every bad guy killed is ok? It’s ok to mow down the innocent. I don’t think so, tell that to the mother who just lost her children.

It’s a form of depopulation. We need to rid of the world of undesirables. Americans think its ok to extinguish Palestinians and they turn a blind eye to the genocide in Africa. As long as its ‘over there’ and not on North America, they’re not concerned. Wait til their turn comes and the powers decide which Americans should be snuffed out.

Either way it’s a WAR!

The Israelis have made it clear that they are willing to get rid of ALL the Palestinians, yeah so this time it’s Gaza… What’s next?

Hospitals are suffering due to low supplies!

Over 800 Palestinians are dead!

The world does nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!

&quot:Money talks and bullsh*it walks…&quot:

Oh well,That is 5 that won’t be breaking peace treaties,launching rockets into a country that wants to be left alone.A country that only ask,s to co-exist with the middle eastern world.

it does seem disproportionate.we have been told for many years that mossad is one of the best intelligence services,why cant they locate and neutralise the players rather ran terrorise civilians.

42 children were killed!
I call it war crimes or barbaric acts.

i want to know if there will be a ground invasion ….now that would be some scary buissnes.

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