My 3 year old son still poops his pants…Help?!?

He has been potty trained (#1) for quite some time now, BUT, he just won’t go poop on the toilet. He proudly tells us I pooped in my pants with a big smile on his face. I’ve tried sticker reward charts, many many praises (the very few times he has pooped in the toilet), drawing a happy face on his hand, taking him for ice cream, etc. He still is happy just to poop in his pants. What do I do? …Please anyone with tips to help this process.

I had a similar experience with my son, and believe it or not the final &quot:cure&quot: was taking away his little potty. I had had enough of cleaning up the pee from it and he had gone a few times on the big potty so I told him we were putting it away because he was a big boy now, and that meant that as well as pee pee he had to poop in the big potty too. He was so happy to have graduated to the big toilet that the very next day he told me when he had to go poop and went straight to the bathroom and did his business. Don’t know if this would help you but for my son being a big kid is everything! Alternatively you could warn him your going to take away his favorite toy/dvd and follow through on it and only give it back when he goes on the potty everyday for at least a week.


i could truthfully artwork on changing his eating recurring so as that his poop isn’t so annoying. each and every so often little ones would be so frightened of the discomfort that they commence refusing to apply the rest room. that is now common for infants as previous as 5 who refuse to poop interior the rest room because of the fact they’re frightened of discomfort featuring passing annoying stool. they are going to hold it in for days inflicting their bowel too become so stretched and their annoying poop gets even extra desirable that they now no longer have established sensation. previously i bypass on any extra desirable I in simple terms had to declare that this situation is reversible although this is a brilliant headache which you would be able to communicate. ultimately the stool softens then they have injuries and don’t understand what occurs till that is already of their undies. this is via the fact they quickly lost various the sensation and administration that they use to have. A stretched bowel can return back to established even though it takes some intervention like a sparkling eating recurring and the child needs to pay closer interest to what occurring down there so as that they’ve not got a poop accident. I easily have pals who went by using this with their little ones and this is a genuine nuisance. Like I mentioned the bowel could have the skill to return to established and the child could have extra established sensation and administration back although this is a brilliant headache that ought to drag out for an exceedingly long term. i do no longer understand what area of united states of america of america you’re from (or while you’re American) yet a brilliant style of extra desirable city hospitals have a 24 hour hotline the place human beings can ask well being questions. the advice you get is unfastened yet they could no longer diagnose a project. a project with annoying stool is something they are able which will assist you with. they’re nurses who %. up the telephone and the type the indicators into their computing device database. they are going to inform you what you’re able to do at living house and in case you’re able to desire to make certain a doctor. you should take great element approximately it. that is unfastened except you’re calling long distance then you definately in simple terms would desire to pay the fee of the long distance call. It regularly stated as &quot:Ask a Nurse&quot: or &quot:Healthformation&quot: or something like that. seem under for it under &quot:hospitals&quot: interior the telephone e book.

He may be a private pooper. My 3 yr old son is. I told his dr about this and he suggested giving my son about a half of teaspoon of a mild laxative. About 8 hours later just watch he and see when he is wanting to poop and hurry and put him on the potty. I had to lock my son and myself in the bathroom. I read books and we played games… when he sat there and tried to poop. it took a few times until he got use to doing it on the potty. Now he will tell me when he has to go.

I would say there should be a small punishment each time he does it.. if he knows he should not and just does it anyway without any effort to use the potty. An accident is one thing and they will happen, but just doing in on purpose or out of laziness is unacceptable

when my nephew was 3 he started hiding in the closet to go potty then he would come and tell one of his parent well one day his Dad my brother had had enough and he told him the next time you poop in your pants i am going to spank you guess what he did spank him and alex never poop in his pants again i was there he did not beat him he just gave him 3 good smacks on his bare bottom when all else has failed

sometimes kids are very stubborn. try giving him a small gift, candy, etc, something he really likes.

this is his way of being in control. the more you beg him, the more he wants to control the situation.

rest assured that he will potty train. boys do take longer and it could be closer to 3 1/2 or 4.

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In a couple of years, he will stop. Trust me. At 5, he will begin to feel embarrased by it (maybe even 4) when you begin to say, &quot:You don’t want to do that at school, do you? None of the other little boys in Kindergarten will be doing that. Why don’t you use the toilet?&quot: Use Pull-Ups til then.

Does he have a fav toy?Have you told him he wont get no ice cream or sticker if he does it again?Sometimes it takes time.He has to grow out of it soon and he will..Just take things away from him that he likes.I wouldn’t spank him or put him in the corner.

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