My high speed Internet is slow?

I have suddenlink highspeed internet, but my internet is soo slow. I dont know what it might be. I know for a fact that i dont have any spywares or viruses, my computer is new i just got a new Dell 2 weeks ago, and i downloaded Avast antivirus as soon as i got it. My modem is fairly new its a motorolla. Everything is good but my internet runs slow for some reason, its running the same speed as my old computer: which was like 3 yrs old.

My download speed is around 30kb/s

can anyone help me plz.

This might be your computer…. just maybe you have a Spyware issue. Try cleaning things up with Ad-aware or Spybot Search & Destroy,

Then try some test sites

try an anti-spam software

call them and start complain, i think they will do something about it for their own good.

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