Nuggets-Lakers and Magic-Cavs, which one of these is more likely to result in an &quot:upset&quot:?

Denver has already handed the Lakers 2 losses this season and one of them was without Melo. Cavs leads the season series 2-1 right now but the Magic (especially Carter) has really picked it up late and looking prime for another finals run.

2 things to keep in mind is K-Mart and Shaq will likely be out until the playoff, how they will perform is uncertain, and both player’s impact on their team directly link to their respective club’s championship chances.

BQ: Bynum hurt again? Thoughts on the Lakers chemistry heading for the home stretch.

BQ2: Which team does your favorite team not want to meet in the first round?

BQ3: To my contacts, wat’s up with y’all, it’s been a while 🙂

STAR if you like 🙂 STAR if you don’t like 🙁

I think the Magic over the Cavs is more likely to be an upset.

BQ: I actually think Bynum’s injury will help Gasol get involved more in the offense again. Gasol complained a lot about not getting enough touches but its like Kobe said he doesn’t get as much as last season cuz he is co-existing with Bynum. I also think Gasol is more agressive at the Center Position(which is good for him). The teams Chemistry should be good.

BQ2: Well as a Laker fan its looking more like they will face the Blazers in the 1st round. I would prefer the Spurs in the 1st round due to the fact that the Lakers have a really hard time getting a W in Portland…but then again the Lakers PLAYOFF RECORD against Portland over the years has been Dominating.

BQ3: Where you been at man? I was thinking bout emailing you just a couple days ago asking you to come back to Yahoo Answers. Yup I know the section’s been dead for awhile but would be nice to see a familiar knowledgable contact on here from time to time…well for those of us that still come here at least =(

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Well, not much to say, because everyone has their own opinions and their favorite teams in these kind of match, especially with the top 4 or 5 teams in the league.
But back to your question, games during the season are something totally different to the playoffs, where they play “best of 7 series”, not just 1 or 2 games per year and injuries aren’t so important.
Now, strictly speaking of 7 games series, I think the result would be …

-.WCF = Nuggets 2 – Lakers 4 (don’t forget the Mavs, they’re a very good team after the trades)
-.ECF = Magic 4 – Cavs 3
-.Finals = Lakers 4 – Magic 2/3

BQ: No, I think they already have the “experience” to handle the situation until Drew’s returns in a few weeks.

BQ2: The Thunder Because I think they’re a young and dangerous team that has nothing to lose and everything to give a “surprise”, especially if there are any injured player on the other team.

BQ3: 1st of all: Welcome Back .!!!! I’ve been out a few months, but I think you’ve been even more and there was something missing here, because this section needs the “MC’s wisdom and the irony”. So I hope to see you often, especially in the playoffs.


Magic and Cavs…if you even consider than an upset…..they did it last year and they can do it again with Vince Carter…i do not believe that Carter is a downgrade from Hedo. Expect Vince to have a huge playoff run and be the leading scorer for the Magic. Its hard to doubt the Lakers after all that has happened this season already. Pau missed the first 11 games and the Lakers go 9-2. Bryant and Bynum missed 5 together and the Lakers went 4-1…3 of which were contending teams for the West, not to mention…snapping Utahs 9 game win streak. The Lakers have been playing “horrible” by Lakers standards pretty much since Christmas day….yet they have something like 51 wins right? Kobe goes in some kind of 2 1/2 month slump and the Lakers still stay comfortably at number 2 in the power rankings. Their record is more impressive than the Cavs if you ask me, all things considered. Cavs do not have Kobe Bryant, Lamar Odom, Pau Gasol ect…. so i would say the Cavs Magic upset is more likely. Until somebody beats the Lakers in the playoffs they are still the team to beat, and, as an added bonus…Denver lost to Milwaukee in their own house tonight because of poor defense.

As for Bynum…..Lamar Odom did a spectacular job of filling his shoes the 5 games Bynum missed….the guy had over 10 rebounds in each of those games and 25 points in one of them. Im not worried about it.

Considering the Lakers history with Portland…..i would hate for the Lakers to face them.

Hey Brother

I also left this section for long time , but i was checking and i am really happy that you are back

I Have Not watched Any NBA Game this season because of my studies , however i keep myself updated with the news

Actually I Think that Both LA Lakers And The cavs Will win , and with A Double digit margin

Because Big players and teams shine in big games

LeBron James is The Best SF Since Larry Bird

Kobe Bryant is the Best SG since Jordan

so both know how to deal with those teams
BQ : Actually i think that The Gasol-Odom will be better than the Bynum-Gasol

BQ2 : Dallas Mavericks

BQ3 Answered

Lakers will not lose to the nuggets. K-mart is not going to recover enough to make a difference and they need his toughness. Lakers won a championship with bynum playing very limited minutes in the post season last year. Cavs don’t really need shaq to beat the magic. They need a capable player to guard Rashard Lewis who is the X factor. AJ should be able to handle the duties. That basically leaves Vince to be agressive.

La Lakers. They have way more enjoy within the finals. The Cavs will simply choke in subsequent circular and within the Finals. Nuggets are a well crew however they lack Finals enjoy. Billups will must his first-class and instruct them. Magics would simply beat the Cavs.

Nuggets, mostly because I don’t respect the Magic much.

BQ; I think it’s better that the Lakers have to play without Bynum, chances are that in times that matter it will be Pau at center and Odom as PF so they might as well get used to that chemistry.

BQ2: Nobody in the west should want to meet the Nuggets.

Cavs and Magic..Magic definitely has the talent to beat the Cavs

BQ- Lakers chemistry has become a problem of late with the losing streak. But that’s behind them and they’re ready to bounce back.

BQ2- Phoenix Suns, well just not the Lakers

Nuggets will upset everyone and win the 2010 championship . Melo Should be the MVP but I know he’s not going to get it

I think that the Nuggets will beat the Lakers.
They need Bynum back
My team wont be in the playoffs so I guess we are scared of nobody! (Pistons)

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