POLL: Do you have a stalker?

i do
i have a y!a stalker
a facebook/school stalker
and a stalker at my school


yes this girl used to blow up my fone and i didnt even give her my number she lied and got it from my friend talkin bout i had gave it to her but she lost it….and then shed just keep calling and at school shed following me around and trying to touch on me..and shed lie to boys when i gave them my number and told them that i gave them the wrong #…she used to go around tellin ppl i went with her..and 1 day she called here after i had stop answering her calls and she was like ima by u a Diamond ring and shyt talklin bout i know where u stay whispering and i hung up in her face….

but now since the beginning if the month shes finally stoped it had ben going on since september…im so happy now

I &quot:stalked&quot: an ex-gf on fb, yet i do no longer probably have faith that checking somebody’s profile on a daily basis (I mean, each jiffy, LOL) is particularly stalking, even nonetheless human beings call it that. i could have in no way finished something to break her, and if I had actually confirmed up in individual at her domicile or artwork, she could have kicked my sorry @ss. ballot: individuals (i’m one) are smug and clueless, yet we’ve a greater powerful humorousness than Canadians, who’ve a tendency to be hypersensitive and overreact to a splash teasing. Aussies actually have an excellent, physically powerful humorousness. So i’m gonna bypass with individuals.

Auctually I do have one and it get very irratated.

I did…`til I ran into him. I backed up my car and ran into him again.

yes yes i do. no ones loves me enough to stalk me on y!a but i have one in school. he creeps on me!

Uh, not that I know of right now. ♥


I sure hope not!

Golly, I hope not.

not yet


*looks behind me*

I think I don’t lol!:)

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