Should I avoid buying a used motorcycle that I know has been in a low speed drop/crash? ?

I know from the seller that the front fender and signal light were broken. He is getting them fixed but should I worry that there could be unknown internal damage? I would get the bike checked out by a mechanic before buying it but if it still drives ok and there’s nothing obvious, should I still be worried?

‘Drop’ is one thing, ‘crash’ another.
That broken front fender whispers to you that you’d better
check those forks for straightness and the head bearing for
a ‘notched` spot or other damage, the front wheel and it’s bearing
for any run-out.
A competent mechanic’s checkride should spot any problems.

Depends on what the damage was and if it was repaired by a competent person. My wife and I went down and I would not hesitate to sell my bike to anyone, or conversely, buy either one of the bikes. They were repaired by Harley Davidson and anything that appeared to be damaged was replace by the insurance so I most likely went a little overboard, but at least the job was done correctly.

you never ever buy a vehicle that has been in an accident,with out a thorough test.you need to check out the engine internally.you need to check the pistons,seals,look for cracks,leaks.if you start the engine do you hear interruptions like if the spark plugs misfire,all that.the last thing you want is to turn into ghost rider on the 405 express.

I bought a dropped bike with smashed front fairing and indicator funnily enough, had it a year and a half now and has passed 2 MOT’s.
(if your not from UK then MOT is a yearly vehicle inspection to make sure your vehicle passes requirements to be road worthy)

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