Should President Bush be booed during his State of the Union speech?

And loudly as well.
He deserves no respect as he has shown none.
Title means nothing.
He should be disrespected at every turn so that he may face the rest of his life knowing what hated man he is.

NO. Of course not. How ignorant.

no be pro about it
be respectful..
and obviously he was
doing something right
to win 2 elections

no. like him or not he is still OUR president and deserves respect. If not for him, then for the office. Grow up and be proud of what we have.


Only a person lacking class would do such a thing

it is his constitutional duty to give the SOTU. anyone trying to disrupt it should be handcuffed and put in jail.

vigorously and constantly, but only when he lies. Oh yea, constantly.

NO, he’s been a great president in the face of never ending lies, distortions and critisizm from those who hate him

No. He is the president and has done a lot. All of those that think so, should LEAVE.

Absolutely not. The world is watching and we should show some class. If people support what he says, there will be applause, if not, there will be silence.

someone should disconnect all the speakers like in the movie Forest Gump or change the telepromter to blah blah blah I hate Americans blah blah blah

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