Spiritually speaking, are you smiling on the inside?

Through all of life’s ups and downs, regardless of what happens in the outer, are you always smiling on the inside?. Do you let your smile out occasionally? What then is your general mood most of the time…..your inner way of being?

Spiritually speaking, most of the time yes. I think if know who you really are and are comfortable with it, if you realize that this life is just a small piece of a much larger journey, you may have an easier time coping with life. My inner self smiles in spite of everything that is occurring around and its sometimes funny to think&quot: If they only knew&quot:.

I am a school teacher so I try to spread what I know without letting the kids know what I am spreading. To many people in this world say that you have to read the Bible or know Jesus to find true happiness. I try to make people understand that all you have to do is know yourself.

I let my smile out a lot. It is a light for others to follow. I am the teacher school who has the toughest of classes, but all of the kids like to come, they say it is fun. I never have the problems that the other teachers run into with the tougher kids because I am trying to find their inner selves while the rest of the teachers simply defend against the child.

Even when things look bleak, if I were a struggling surgeon, an executioner, or an exhausted plumber, I would still be happy inside because I know who and what I am.

Through life’s &quot:glitches&quot: and all. . .yes, still I am smiling within. And yes, that smile reflects out very often.

Inner strength, confidently vulnerable, fragile at times yet always of faith and optimistic. Belief is in Truth.
&quot:Sour&quot: events happen…yet life and Light is good.:~)

I smile all the time. Sometimes it just a wicked grin, other times it’s a broad smile.

Happiness and peace is a part and parcel of human life. Life is original. Life is normal and simple. We only complicate.

Yes, always, especially since these several years when the inside of me started being with me and guiding me always, I accepting it gratefully too!

My general mood is peaceful. I appear very serious to others, but I’m usually pretty happy.

Absolutely!!!!!!!!! On a lighter note, i wonder if Villyj Ideyut is making a gender reference when he refers to a broad smile…either way, mine surely is a &quot:broad&quot: smile.

i am less Sirius than most

My mouth is on the outside. Did you have an accident as a child?

My nether sphincter is creased in a permanent grin.

Life is good.
You get over the hard parts.

I’m weeping joyful tears! =::D

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