Were U Sad Wen John Lennon Died?

Were U Sad Wen John Lennon Died

13 at the time but I was shocked! He was the world’s greatest song writer!

Not really. He was a good musician. However, his politics were a little Marxist for my tastes.

I wish artists would just focus on their craft and not bring their political views up. There are artists that I will not buy music and see their movies because of their extreme views.

I believe in free speech. I also have the right to express by thoughts on the matter with my purchasing habits.


Of course it was a huge loss for the world.

I wasn’t even born then….

Though he had some great messages to spread.

this happened five years before i was even born.

I thought it was a mistake when I heard it.

Sure. Any violent death is a tragedy!

No I was’nt born yet!

No I was’nt born yet!

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