What are nice sexy above average cars out there under $50000?

No hondas toyotas fords…etc…
Please list below. Im 17 and getting a new car. My family is rich so don’t give chrummey cars.

Audi TT-RS
Audi RS4
BMW M Roadster (Z4)
Mercedes C63 AMG
Lexus ISF
Lexus SC430
Porsche Boxter (2013 is damn sexy)
Cadillac CTS-V

Subaru Impreza WRX STI
Nissan Infiniti G two-door coupe
Nissan 370z
Mitsubishi EVO MR Touring
BMW 135i
Audi TTS

All sexy, fast and under 50K

Exceptional guess… Go &amp: spend the relaxation of your days on an Island. By myself. Or… Care for the fact that life is filled with these false humans, obtaining useless objects, making out they have got extra money than they do, pretending to be some thing or anyone they clearly are usually not. For false humans… Being ‘false’ is their ‘actual’. Simply be content material with the fact that your now not like that. You can split from the group/rat-race/sheep of society and look at life in an additional facet. Without being too ‘alternative’ and chopping your self off totally from the ‘Joneses’, you are not alone. Conforming is subculture to many. That’s how societies are. I am now not American, i am English, however the same applies here as it does within the relaxation of the arena. If your obvious as special, you’ll be remoted. I’d like to see how the vast majority of the people you talk about might cope with out these ‘false gods’ or ‘Steroids’ as Thomas L. Friedman mentioned in his 2006 e-book ‘the world is Flat’. There are those who accumulate what you point out, in simple terms on account that it is there, its available &amp: it makes them suppose excellent with out the proposal of what others consider. Like I stated within the opening… If it bugs you so much… Either maintain it… Or survive an Island. (however then the monkeys, birds, warmness, lack of nutrition, ever decreasing supply of water and your ant-filled-mosquito-invested accommodation could worm you and as there’s no internet access you is not going to be able to make your point by means of Yahoo! Solutions. You could must get on a business boat, pay with money financed through the Rothechild’s and Rockerfeller’s to board an over-crowded airplane, drink a capitalist cocoa-cola and consume a non ‘fair alternate’ labeled dinner to get back to your Imperialist society. Not forgetting to name your mommy to your blackberry to decide upon you up in her SUV from the airport. I like your query &amp: I loved answering it. 🙂

you cant afford any cool new cars with that budget. could get like a new 5.0 or something but thats about it

If your family is so rich, why under 50000

I own a Subaru Wrx STI. I would do your research on them, fast as **** and very sexy.

if you are that rich hasn’t daddy got a manservant to advise you


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