What are the screaming, whining Muslims trying to prove by rioting and saying &quot:Death to America&quot:?

So, some Korans accidentally got disposed of in a way they considered improper.

Boo, hoo.

What are these Muslims trying to accomplish when they riot and scream? Are they just trying to throw temper tantrums?

After all, if it’s trying to garner sympathy or sensitivity for their cause, they’re going about it in completely the wrong way. If it’s to get respect for Islam, well, the OPPOSITE is happening, in the civilized world. And God knows it’s certainly not to prove how Islam is a religion of PEACE!

They could have said we don’t like what you did in any number of effective, respectful ways. What they’re doing only makes them look like bloodthirsty savages, whether they are or not.

Right now they are upset with us because some of our soldiers supposedly burned a bunch of Korans. Well you want the truth??? There were some inmates in jail over there in Afghanistan who decided that they would use books to pass messages back and forth to plot killing people. Come to find out, the books that the evil doers chose to pass messages through were Korans. The officer in charge ordered all books that were illegally used to pass messages be destroyed. Hence the destruction of the books. Now you see this one in context, it is very important to know the whole story before going off. They are rioting over there as we speak and throwing an absolute fit over this.

I can understand if someone simple burnt your Bible (Koran) just to spark anger but in this case, they got rid of evidence that was being used to plot attacks on innocent people.

Now, you know the rest of the story…

Muslims say Islam is the religion of peace but as we know it Actions speak louder than words.

@ soso: You muslims are IMMIGRANTS yet you have rights like the citizens have. But that’s not enough for you muslim right? Muslims expect us to dance to their every tune. Well go back to your Mecca and bang yourself to a rock. Muslims have invaded many non muslim &amp: now claim that non muslims are like them. Well it’s about time that everyone should do to muslims what they do to them that should teach you Muslims to behave.

No true Scotsman is a fallacious argument.

That politics and religion sometimes don’t mix well.

&quot:It’s the only thing that seems to get the US’ attention.&quot:
Aren’t you a citizen of the US?

Fun fact, those Muslims are actually referring to the folk rock band from the 70s called America, not the country.

they aren’t accomplish anything. Americans should have not burn the holy book because now American fear it will be another long stupid war.

Or whining xians calling atheists &quot:dead&quot: for that matter.

Muslims and hard core xians are a LOT alike.

Cause the US sends military to the middle east cause they have oil.
It’s not &quot:Muslims&quot: the scream death to America, but people who suffer because of the US.
It’s not about religion.

They’re killing people over a *book.*
Just like christianity has done.

Religion is ridiculous.


It’s in Afghanistan, so what? They’re rioting and screaming nearly everyday.

They are trying to scare you.

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