What do you think about all the people younger than 40 years old visiting the senior citizens category?

No problem with me providing they come on because they are interested and continue to come on if they enjoy questions and answers they are reading. Some senior citizens on here are 60 and some possible in their 90’s so still can be the same age gap even if both parties are senior citizens.

They are here by accident in many cases because of a misunderstand of the word Senior but that doesn’t really matter because there is always one of us who will tell them when this is so and suggest where they should post their question.

Many others come here because they know they’ll get better (an more polite) answers than they would in some other categories.

Life has always been a case of the young learning from the older generation. Many young people don’t have the same contact with older people that we had (when families were much closer knit) and so this category might be the next best thing to them.

Fine. Remember, this is not a chat room. The category names are topics, not chat room designations. I know many forget this. The category is about seniors issues, therefore any are welcome to ask questions about those issues. Sadly many of the regs that hang out here add to the image of a chat room. Sadly as well many of the regs here fail to provide the wisdom sought by some when it comes to seniors issues. However, there are the rare few which can be of good honest decent help. Hopefully those seeking get the proper responses.

My number one reason for signing in
everyday – is hoping there will be a question
where I can be of help.

I feel an obligation to share my experience and
knowledge and to set an example – of kindness
and caring – to our younger generations.

They are our future and if they come here with
good intent and I can give them a good answer
then I feel – I have had a good day and a good
reason to be here on answers.

(may I add . . . getting to know – one another – a little
chatting and poking fun – befriending people from all
over our world – never killed anyone)

So much negativity and hate on here – some times. Wondering why?
You have asked a good question.
DeeJay – Love to be of help.

maximum adolescents would recognize older human beings however the element is ‘do any of the previous human beings they recognize ever answer their questions?’ there’s a damaging age divide. In some households numerous generations get on nicely mutually, consume mutually, chat mutually, bypass on holiday mutually and watch T.V. mutually. those human beings work together with one yet another and, consequently, recognize a majority of those issues approximately which others recognize not something in any respect. some adolescents indexed right here are trolls there is not any doubt approximately that yet I handle maximum folk the comparable and merely answer what’s asked. it is not correct to me WHY they asked.

Great! The years between 40 and 60 pass like a supersonic jet. They may as well be here soaking up the wit and wisdom of the elders rather than wasting time in other sites. As long as they question and answer with respect for others they will be treated with the same. We are actually a pretty friendly group.

They are fine mostly. Sometimes they are boring with the (to them) hugely dramatic tales of woe. Sometimes their main purpose is to insult. Those are the annoying few, most well ask reasonable questions and will answer with their belief regarding their take on the question without being disrespectful.

Maybe, some of the younger ones, just might learn a little correct spelling, or, OMG! even possibly, how to form a proper sentence?

It’s fine with me as long as people are polite and listen to each other’s opinions without feeling the need to poke fun or insult someone else.

I have no problem except if they just want to be smarties or if they have misunderstood that this site is senior citizen’s and not senior high-school

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