What parts of Canada are considered &quot:French Canada&quot:?

Is it a set of cities or is it a particular section?

Mostly the province of Quebec.

The province of Quebec and the province of New Brunswick are &quot:french Canada&quot:.

There are regions throughout Canada, as another poster answered, but &quot:French Canada&quot: is primarily those two provinces.

Pouvez vous parler anglais?

Why of course Canada is bi-lingual so Canada is known as English/French Canada. he spend a lot of money on all print to make it so.

But &quot:French Canada&quot: would have to be the Province of Quebec

the province of quebec is french.
in and around montreal its bilingual,but in the rest the province is mostly french (exceptions every here and there)

New Brunswick is the only &quot:bilingual&quot: province in canada. when i went there I was surprised by how french it was.

it was pretty cool.
also, there is a little (really not much) french in ottawa and a little in some places of manitoba.

Quebec is where French speaking people are in the majority.
However, there are French speaking communities all over Canada….Mara times, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta…..even B.C. and Ontario if you look hard enough.
Canada is Canada…..cultural diversities…..that is what makes this country unique.

Quebec is basically all French I think, but I’ve heard that there are quite a few people in Winnipeg and that area of Manitoba that speak french too.

My city of St. Albert – just north of Edmonton has a lot of French, and there are lots of French speaking towns nearby as well.

Basically the whole province of Quebec is french…


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