What should we do with our 5 year old who is stealing from school?

My son came home from school today and he showed me a magnet ix toy magnet and told me that he was playing with the toys at school and it fell into his pocket. I asked him to tell me the truth because those kinds of things don’t just fall into pockets. So he confessed that he stole, good that he confessed, but at the same time not good that he stole.
He’s taken things from his sister, but that’s more or less sibling rivalry. I’m taking him to school tomorrow to see him tell his teacher and apologize and we’ve taken away one of his karate classes this weekend. That’s punishment enough I think, but I’m wondering what we can do to make sure he doesn’t do this again. For the most part he is a really good boy, but I definitely don’t want this to become a habit.
Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

&quot:He’s taken things from his sister, but that’s more or less sibling rivalry.&quot:

&quot:I definitely don’t want this to become a habit.&quot: —You’ve ALREADY let this become a habit. You shouldn’t blow off when he takes things from his sister, or anyone else. You have to teach him to respect that other people’s things do not belong to him. He has to respect boundaries and limits, and that starts at home. Start cracking down when he is disrespectful to his sister and her things. Also, every time he comes home, you need to check all his pockets and his backpack. Tell him that you’ll have to do this until you can trust him again…people who steal cannot be trusted. Anytime you find something that doesn’t belong to him, ground him from his karate class and to his room for that day. You have to be hard about things like this and break the habit before he learns how to be sneaky about it.

Yes, it would be a great thing for him not to steal. Good you are making him bring the item back. Many kids have a I want attitude. Not sure that what they do is not really the right choice. He needs to practise sharing. Have him bring things to his sister or friends. Or around the house. Bring me that towel or it could be anything. Praise him. Showing him that you are proud when he does the right thing is what he needs to see more often. When he puts his toys away and then say can you help me put your sisters toy over or in the proper spot. The teacher will even give you some suggestions if you ask.
It will pass. He is young enough to learn good habits.

Give the toy back to the school so somebody else can take it home to play with it. Sharing is caring.

I would talk to his teacher and ask her to report any similar activity to you if she notices it he may have learned his lesson but you don’t want to take any risks most children will steal before they really know better so I would not be to hard on him unless he repeats it.

He needs to realize that this is wrong, and people who do bad things like steal get in BIG TROUBLE!

Just remind him every day that don’t ever take anything that is not yours

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