which do you prefer, a life without love or love without life?

..its all about love life..

How can there be love if there is no life?

Life without love. Although it’s nice to have love, I’d like to have a good life because that’s all about why we were brought to Earth. To have a good life.

=) what do you prefer?

Live 4 love, without love U don’t live.

Life without love!! Love sucks!! It’s more trouble than what it’s worth!

i would probably pick love without life because when i was in love i didnt really care about anything else… but recently discovered that in the end you just end up hurt: that happy endings are only in stories that haven’t ended yet. true love doesn’t exist. therefore life without love. its whats best

I prefer to love life ^_^

That is a really good question. I would have to choose love and heartache. I couldn’t imagine life without my husband and believe me I have the heartache to go with it!

a life without love if you love someone that dosen’t mean that you have to have them take over your life. It’s yours and you only get one shot use it wisely.

Love without life, once yuv had love u cant live w/out it

life without love cuz last time i was in love, he guy wanted me to spend all day with him while he worked (which was boring cuz he really didn’t have a job) and i wasted part of my life.

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