Why are NON Christians on a Christian/Religion site? Yea, yea, I know it’s a free country. Freedom of speech

and all that stuff but if a person doesn’t accept religion, why enter the religion site? Last week I posted a question under two different headings just to see what happened and prove to myself the truth of my opinion. I posted the question under the Politics &amp: Government heading, sub heading- Law &amp: Ethics. And then I posted the very same question under the Society &amp: Culture heading, sub heading-Religion &amp: Spirituality. The kinder, more appropriate, more respectful, better answer, replys came from the Law &amp: Ethics heading. It was a religious question! Most of the answers under the Religion heading came from mon-believers and atheists. Most of their answers were disrespectful, spiteful, and anti religion. The question was not written in an angry or degrading tone to anyone. Why do the anti, non religoius, visit the religoius section? Is it just to be arrogant, disrespectful, and cause ill feelimgs? It’s kind of like a Republican going to a Democrat’s fund raiser isn’t it?

a) not everyone who is religious is Christian, and

b) not everyone who is sprirtual is religious (this section is titled Religion and Spirituality)

As to why some people- both religious and otherwise- insist on being rude and disrespectful, I honestly don’t know. I guess maybe they don’t have very interesting &quot:real lives&quot: and simply want to start drama with people they don’t know. But I think everyone should be welcome here for intelligent, thoughtful discussion.

This isn’t a &quot:Christian&quot: site. It’s a forum for Religion and Spirituality. Christianity is not the only religion in the world. And there are those of us who don’t care about Religion, but certainly see value in Spirituality.

Which question did you post? And why are you generalizing ALL people of other groups based on a few answers you got online? That really doesn’t seem to be a stable &quot:experiment&quot: considering.

But, I would say you get nasty answers based on your question here &quot:Why are Non Christians on a Christian site? Again, this forum is geared towards questions and answers about all aspects of religion and spirituality… Not just Christianity. This isn’t church.

The heading I believe is religion and spirituality. Buddhists do not believe in deities but they are still spiritual. Just because a person does not believe in the christian god nor any other does not mean they are not a spiritual person. And yes, you partially answered your own question – it is an open forum where anyone can post anywhere they like. If you don’t like a certain segment of the population you have the right to ignore it just as they have the right to post.

And lets see.. you said &quot:NON-christians&quot: so I suppose Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Shintoism, Buddhism, Paganism which are all religions do not belong here because they are &quot:non-christian&quot:. Nice way to show your own tolerance levels.

First of all, this section is called Religion &amp: Spirituality. I hate to break it to you, but Christianity is not the only religion in the world and Christians are not the only spiritual people in the world. (And you’re accusing others of being arrogant and disrespectful??)

Secondly, this section is not exclusively FOR the religious/spiritual but ABOUT religion and spirituality. Anyone is welcome here, regardless of what they believe, and you should be happy that you get to see both sides of the coin and hear views that differ from your own. If you don’t want to hear non-Christian views you shouldn’t be here in the first place, you can go to church if you only want to hear Christian views.

This is NOT a Christian site. Grow up. This is the religion and spirituality section. THAT means, anyone can come here. Deal with it and stop being so arrogant.

Why do you think that xtianity is the only religion? There are thousands in this world, many of which are far older than yours and it is disrespectful of you to discount them as if they didn’t exist. You want respect? Learn to give it first. As for why atheists come to this section….why don’t you look up the answers to the last 250 times it has been asked.

I’m not Christian and I am here.

All religions are not Christian. As much as I’m going to get flamed, I’ll say it: Atheism is a religion. A logical one that doesn’t have a god, but there are groups somewhat like churches within the umbrella. Anyone can debate and answer spirituality.

Do not use partial logic, IE

All Christians are religious
Therefore, all religious people are Christians

This is not true.

gee … did Y/A hire you to be the monitor of this site? and have you, in your authority, decided that the only valid religion and spirituality is Christianity? talk about arrogant and disrespectful and causing ill feelings …

so pardon me but … shove it were your halo don’t shine and pfffffffffffft!
i’ll post what i want, where i want and i no more need you to tell me what heading i should be posting under than i need you to tell me what my relationship with &quot:God&quot: should be.

Do you want cheese with that whine? It’s not a friggen Christian site, dumbass. It’s Religion and SPIRITUALITY. In case you didn’t know, there are a lot of religions and belief systems that are different from Christianity that are under this section.

This isn’t a Christian/Religion site. It is a Religion site. Why do you think anything about Y!A implies Christianity?

~ Lib

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