Why can’t libs see that Gay adoption = child abuse?

They seem so caught up in appeasing a minorities demands, that they forget the child actually deserves a mother and father for proper gender roles. I believe gay adoption is nothing more than a stupid social experiment and thus child abuse.

Why can’t libs see this?

Studies have shown that children of gay parents tend to be better adjusted and have fewer problems. I love my wife, I am straight, and I am not a liberal. However, if gay people are willing to take in a child no one wants and give them a good proper home, what’s the issue? Rather a gay couple who raises a child properly than a straight one that sexually/physically abuses a child.

By the ways, I have a source. Where is YOUR source that gay parenting = child abuse?

I take comfort in your inquiry because when I was molested for almost 3 years as a small boy by 2 separate babysitters, knowing that they were the &quot:proper gender roles&quot: (both were females) not only makes it all better, but almost like it was all part of God’s plan.

If gender dictates roles then it must be the role pf the Father to disappear before the birth of his child and leave him to the socioeconomic pitfalls that usually become the children of single, working Mothers. Am I following you correctly?

If adopting a child to a homosexual couple is the definition of child abuse then what category does having your Father force you to perform fellatio on him when you’re six years old fall under? Because I have a friend back home who would love to know…

I’ve always seen programs about dead-beat Dads. Never dead-beat gay Dads. Coincidence?

When I worked with kids for 5 and a half years, 2 of them were spent w/ adolescent, male sex offenders. These children were all repeating cycles on their peers that were initiated onto them by an adult. Usually a straight (married w/ kids) male family member. I saw it everyday, heard it in therapy sessions and witnesses it’s traumatic effects.

Listen…I don’t know what type of over-privileged, high tax bracket type of life you grew up in where, literally, everyone you know has both parents, everyone’s married and no one suffers abuse or trauma at the hands of their gender appropriate parents (or other random family members) but I can assure you it isn’t steeped in reality, in any form. Real life is brutal, ugly and shocking and if you want to stop two people who love each other and are committed to a relationship and want to share that love with someone stuck in an overcrowded, understaffed residential facility, well then you’re an enormous part of said ugliness.

Also, I’m not a Lib, Con, Dem, Repub or whatever gang affiliation you’re looking to ruffle feathers with. I’m just a hard working American who is capable of thinking for himself and recognizing something evil when I see it.

Gay people should have the same rights as opposite gender couples, and that includes adoption! There is nothing wrong with a child having two dads or two mums, and in no way is it child abuse.

why can’t conservatives see that Susan Smith’s two little boys would have been much happier living in a loving home with two daddies or two mommies instead of one hetero mommy who strapped them into their seats and pushed her car into a lake?

you know, homosexuality isn’t a recent invention of liberalism. it’s been around a LONG time… gays have been raising children since time immemorial. they’re more often harmed MORE by finding out later in life that their gay parent really wasn’t in love with their straight parent in the first place. that kinda shakes the foundation of their entire world.

i know people who were raised by openly gay parents. they’re usually more well-adjusted than most people i know who grew up in a more traditional setting – myself included. my mother was one woman who should NOT have had children… but to her generation, such thinking was considered a sin so she had us, raised us, and we’re ALL screwed up because of how much she resented us.

What if the CHILD is gay? Shouldn’t they get good role models too?

um.. how many cases have there been where a man and woman / or single man and woman abuse their adopted children?

As a con you’d rather them stay underprivileged orphans and become a source of cheap labor down the road. Why can’t you admit that?

somehow I bet most would be more open minded than your parents

I have known people that have raised their children &quot:politically correct&quot: without clearly defined gender roles. Out of three boys one is gay and one is a pre-op transsexual.

Pervert adoption is child abuse.

So wait, is a conservative willing to admit that a government run orphanage is better than a loving home where the parents happen to be gay, WTF!?

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