Why didn’t Israel stop Hamas when they were first forming?

When Hamas was small couldn’t Israel have quietly took care of the problem?

Actually,according to their own accounts of the developments leading up to the first Intifada,Islamist organizations in the Gaza received extensive covert funding from Shin Bet. The pretext was that this was done to divert Palestinians from politics to religion,but given the known activities of the Muslim Brotherhood,to which all the Gazan Islamist organizations were linked,it is more probable that they wished to stimulate a trend to religious fanactism and grisly terror attacks in order to justify pervasive actions against the Gazans,and to exploit as negative propaganda. The funding for what later became Islamic Jihad and Hamas came immediately upon the heels of the emergence of Islamic-related suicide bombings in Lebanon: thus,Shin Bet knew that Islamism would not lead to a life of prayerful introspection but rather violence of a character bound to horrify Westerners and hence undermine sympathy for the Palestinian cause. This has proven highly effective and as for the limited carnage rendered by Islamist attacks,the actual figures are not large and from a strategic/political point of view represent a price worth paying to alienate the Western mind from any existing tendency to sympathise with the plight of the Palestinians.

No. In 2005, Israel said &quot:We’re taking a first step towards peace. A big step. We are going to remove all settlements in Gaza and withdraw all forces. Gaza became independent, and Israel planned to withdraw from all territories. But first, they said &quot:Okay, now lets see what the Palestinians do in return&quot:. What did they do in return? Well.. they went into the Jewish settlements that were evacuated and burned down the synagogues, community centres, schools, a greenhouse and other multipurpose buildings left there which they could use. Then they escalated the rocket shooting on Israel by 232% in 2006. Hamas’s charter calls for the destruction of Israel and creating a strict Muslim state instead of it. As Hama’s leader said – Every ceasefire agreement[peace included] is only temporary. Their goal is genocide, and they won’t stop until they achieve it or are stopped. Hamas chief Khaled Mashaal said Saturday that the Islamist group’s request for a ceasefire with Israel was &quot:a tactic in conducting the struggle.&quot: In an interview with Al-Jazeera, Mashaal explained that &quot:it is normal for any resistance … to sometimes escalate, other times retreat a bit.&quot: Hamas has implemented ceasefires in the past and has later resumed attacks, he pointed out, citing 2003 as a specific example. The blockade is just an excuse. They were attacking Israel long before the blockade was put up a few years ago. Most people don’t know the history of the conflict and don’t realize the blockade was put up because Israel had a minor 9/11 every 2 weeks.

Good question. Others have. Of course, when it’s not Israel doing it, no one notices that it’s even happening. I guess for the same reason they keep trying to negotiate &quot:peace&quot: with a radicalized culture that has only gotten more radical with every decade. Look around.

Maybe the Israelis are just such a hopeful people (you’d have to be to survive, right, based on history) that they just can’t give up the dream of living peacefully with their ‘cousins’. Too bad the other side has no redeeming qualities like that.

Back then the USA was backing the Islamic movements everywhere. The Israeli can not say no to the American master plan. The Islamic movements were against the USSR in Afghanistan and they were used by the Americans to fight the Russians.
Another point was the Iranian revolution, they needed a Sunni kind revolution to counter the Iranian Revolution growing momentum.

So they destroy Hamas, do they solve anything? There will be another Hamas and Kassam and Jihad and and…. Untill Israel become history!
They though by giving Hamas authority and allowing free ellections in Palestine, will turn Palestinians against Hamas but Hamas supporters are increasing every day!
Weapon against free voice never works so they cannot destroy anything and they know that verry well.

Because at that time Israel did not want the PLO, they and the Western Politicians thought ok we push them , tell them to have democratic elections and we can get the PLO out. Just that was done, they supported Hamas and Hamas was voted in. The Israeli gov. then saw both the PLO and Hamas in power and they don’t want that either. Israel will only accept a power that will do whatever Israel wants. I don’t see that ever happening…

No,it was at the beginnig of the Intifada. Anyway,who wants to stop them other than judeofascists? I greatly admire Haniyeh: he’s a great leader.

You should ask the question why didn’t Israel help Lebanon reconstruct after so many years of Civil war……Sometimes I feel ashame to call myself an Israeli……..we just show our authority with choppers &amp: tanks..!
Atleast we see some light after the Prisoner exchange…I hope someday we can have a student exchange with Iran &amp: Lebanon &amp: those foolish leaders will know that we Civilans want peace with each other.

Because then the world would have gone &quot:stop!, why are you killing these poor innocent people whose only sin is trying to destroy your country?&quot:

The world is too small for &quot:quiet&quot: nowadays, and besides, even if there were no proofs, they would’ve fabricated ones.

i dunno. just blame it on the jew.

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