why do most American support israel unquestionably?

I moved to US recently and I was suprised to see that most American support israel no matter what they do while most people in Europe, Hongkong where I used to live criticize israel.
For example during gaza attack in last year, most US media blame palestinian’s rocket attack and hardly mention that acutally Israel bombed gaza first to break truce.and hamas just return fire. even worse, this attack turned out that death toll for palestinian was 1450 vs only 10 for israel, not to mention US media but not single politican question about israel’s overreaction.
anybody in US find it odd or strange?

Awesome question!

It blows my mind how Americans can support the sending of troops to take out Saddam Hussein, a former US ally, by saying he supported terrorism, but the US unquestioningly supports Israel, the greatest source of terrorism in the Middle East and also the greatest violator of UN resolutions, both primary reason the US invaded Iraq.

Not once, but twice the Arab League has sought a final cease-fire with Israel to bring about peace in the region, and each time, Israel has either ignored or denied the request.

To make matters worse, Israel is the greatest recipient of US foreign aid by a long shot, which is bizarre since Israel has the 22nd largest economy IN THE WORLD and is the eight largest exporter of military equipment and technology.

Israel’s military capeability is ten times more than any Arab country in the Middle East, but Israel is continuously portrayed as a fragile democracy in a sea of evil Muslims.

Israel isn’t even a democracy…it’s a Jewish theocracy, just like Iran is a Muslim theocracy.

Everywhere else in the world, Israel is seen as being antagonistic and outright brutal, but because of ignorant Americans who believe whatever Faux News and Rush Limbaugh tell them, and because of Christian Fundamentalists who have the insane belief that for the Second Coming of Christ to occur, the state of Israel has to exsist, they continue to support Israel, no matter what.

I even saw a minister who was wearing an Israeli Defense Force (IDF) Overseas Volunteer shirt the other day who was working with a group of Asian refugees. I made a comment of how hypocritical it was for him to have volunteered for such a violent country such as Israel and to do the work he was doing now. He replied that without Israel, there would be no Second Coming. How crazy is that?

It seems that Americans are finally learning to see Israel for what it really is, and hopefully that trend will continue.

ADDED: Swordofthespirt is exactly what I’m refering to. People like that aren’t any different than the extremists that flew the planes on 9/11.

To say that the Palestinians caused the conflict shows just how short-sided their view of history in that area is. With the creation and rise of Zionism in the late 19th century, there has been a push to create a Jewish homeland out of what used to be part of Ancient Israel, which just so happened to be inhabited by the Palestinians. The Palestinians are decendants of people who lived in the area since before Abraham was even born.

Additionally, what’s the deal with having an &quot:ancient birthright&quot: to an area, especially at the command of some supernatural being? Since when has that been justification to victimize millions of people?

The worst terrorist act in Israel was committed by Israeli Jews. It was the King David Hotel bombing, which resulted in killing 91 Jews, Arabs, and Europeans. The bombing was done by the Irgun, a right-wing Jewish terrorist group led by Menachem Begin, who later became the sixth Prime Minister of Israel (who said crime doesn’t pay!).

Funny how people said Arafat couldn’t be a head of state because he was a terrorist, but the Israelis could.

Which brings me to another fact: The only Israeli Prime Minister ever assassinated wasn’t killed by a member of Hamas or Hezbollah. Yitzak Rabin was killed by a Jewish Fundamentalist, not an Arab or Muslim.

So if the Arabs were smart, they’d leave Israel alone. In a few years, civil war will break out in Israel and it will cease to exsist, just like what happened the last time 2,000 years ago.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t support what many of the Arab groups or nations do. I just understand WHY they do what they do. It’s a result of the terrible treatment they get from Israel and the continued support they get from the US.

Apparantly none of you are aware of the USS Liberty incident and how the Israeli Air Force blatantly attacked an unarmed intelligence ship for almost an hour during the Six Day War.

With all the sources of information at your fingertips, it still blows my mind how blatantly stupid Americans are concerning the situation with Israel.

ADDED: You want to use Gaza as an example?!

The most crowded place on the planet, and Israel controls who/what goes in and out of it. It doesn’t matter how many leaflets they drop…there wasn’t anywhere for the people to go and the IDF wouldn’t let anyone in or out of the area.

Yes, there were some shelling/rockets from Gaza, with little or no damage or casualties. Considering what those people are going through, I don’t blame them.

Let’s see…the shelling and rockets from Gaza killed 3 Israeli civilians and 10 IDF soldiers.

The Israelis/IDF killed between 1,166 and 1,417 Palestinians, the vast majority civilians. More than 400,000 Gazans were left without running water, 4,000 homes were destroyed or badly damaged, leaving tens of thousands of people homeless, and 80 government buildings were hit, resulting in over $2 BILLION dollars worth of damage.

And then the IDF blocked food, water, and medical and humanitarian supplies from entering the area.

One of the most advanced and sophisticated militaries in the world, and quite possibly the most advanced and sophisticated in the Middle East, uses Main Battle Tanks and helicopter gunships (American-made, of course) to conduct operations in the most densly populated areas in the world. They knew exactly what they were doing and the damage and death it would cause.

But the Israeli government and the IDF didn’t blink an eye. They wanted to send a message to the rest of the Arab world that they were free to do whatever the felt was necessary to mantain their death grip on the rest of the Middle East.

And anyone who thinks different apparently isn’t aware of what’s really going on.

ADDED: Israel created the situation. The Gaza Strip is nothing more than a penal colony for people who’s only crime is being Palestinian.

Gaza was part of Egypt before the Israelis captured it during the Six Day War in 1967. The Palestinians there have viewed the Israelis as occupiers ever since and react as any people would.

In March 2008, Amnesty International, Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD) CARE, Christian Aid, Medecins du Monde, Oxfam, Save the Children Alliance and Trocaire issued a joint statement saying that the Israeli blockade of the city had caused the humanitarian situation in Gaza to have reached its worst point since Israel occupied the territory in the 1967 Six-Day War.

I don’t blame the Palestinians. They’re fighting back the only way they can against the country that has controlled them since 1967.

Questions asked:

&quot:And why do you complain that only 10 Israelis died? Do you think more Israelis should be dead?&quot:

Of course not. More Israelis are killed as a result of Israeli-on-Israeli violence than at the hands of the Palestinians in Gaza. But somehow, that still warrants an invasion by Israel with 65 ton Merkava Main Battle Tanks and AH-64 Apache helicopter gunships, with artillery support that included the use of white phosphorus incendiary rounds and bombs dropped by high-performance jet fighters.

You’d think they were invading Syria instead of a 25 mile stretch of beach front property inhabited by over a million civilians.

&quot:And how is reacting to 8 years of constant rocketing an &quot:overreaction&quot:?&quot:

Most of the rocket attacks occured from 2005 to 2008. Where do you get 8 years?

During that period of time, 116 Israelis, including civilians and IDF personnel, were killed in both Israel and the Palestinian Territories, and 1,509 were injured.

In contrast, 1,735 Palestinians, including civilians and militants from various groups, were killed while 8,308 were wounded from Israeli attacks.

Here’s the data from the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs from the Occupied Palestinian Territories


Is it me, or is that a little lopsided?

Here’s a little visual representation of the number of Israelis and the number of Palestinians killed a year before the Israeli invasion of Gaza. That’s pretty loopsided as well:


&quot:Answer these questions.&quot:

I have, and then some. But I think it will do little good for people like yourself who choose to remain ignorant about the situation.

&quot:I support them because GOD told me too.&quot:

What an incredible arguement! That’s so funny because that was the same reason the terrorists flew those planes into the WTC and the Pentagon, blew up the Marine Barracks in Beruit, attacked the USS Cole, and bombed the US embassies in Kenya, Tanzania, Yemen, etc…

Yes, I’m saying people like you are no different than the Muslim fundamentalists that commit terrorist acts against the US.

I guess you are still relying exclusively on European media.
Terrorists in Gaza have been shelling Israel almost daily for many years, regardless of any declared truces. Imagine if Israel would shoot back every time Gazan people shoot at Israel. The reason Israel doesn’t do this is that they would end up hitting Gazan civilians, and might not hit the actual perpetrators of the attacks. Of course the rockets coming into Israel on a daily basis are AIMED at civilians. This is the Gazan terrorists’ preferred target.
Besides: before attacking Gaza, Israel announced what it was going to do and urged civilians to leave the area and be safe. They only wanted to destroy military sites and certain specific terrorist leaders. If the civilians were not allowed to leave, or chose not to leave, or chose to keep their children in harm’s way, that is because the Gazan terrorists do not value civilian lives.
It is normal in military campaigns to try to kill the enemy while not getting killed yourself. That is what Israel did in its attack on Gaza.

Actually, missile fire from Gaza were first, not the other way around. You really should study the event – Hamas was shelling Israel with mortar fire and missiles almost daily for several years, before Israel started operation Cast Lead.

Because the US has never really got along with the arab states. The arab states generally hate Isreal and so if the US supports Isreal, they are making a stand against tha arab/muslim world. Especially after 9/11. It’s good for the US to have an ally in the middle east, where the large majority of states despise it.

Because there was no overreation. Israel has it right. The land belongs to them and has ever since God covenanted it to Abraham and confirmed it through Isaac and Jacob. Palestinians are recent interlopers to the scene.

Plus, we truly do not give a **** what Europeans think as most of them are liberal and caving in to the muslims.

Like the good woman said, when palestinians love their own children more than they hate the children of Israel, there will be peace. But as of right now the PLO still holds to their claim that Israel should not even exist.

Because Israel is defending itself while Palestinians want to destroy Israel. Hamas started the rocket firings long before Israel attacked back.

One problem is that you’re willing to buy into pro-terrorist propaganda more than we are. For example, you seem to actually believe it was Israel which broke the cease fire.. when in reality it was Hamas.

Secondly, you seem to think that there needs to be some balance in casualties between terrorists and Israelis. While, in the US we have this odd view that the less terrorists left in the world.. the better. And we have an even stranger view that the less of our allies that get killed.. the better.

And of course, we realize there was no overreaction. Hamas is a terrorist organization.. and the only way to deal with terrorists is to crush them.

Because they believe that its the &quot:Christian&quot: thing to do, to blindly support Israel.

Israel is just defending itself against the cowards who hide behind masks, women and children. Israel has fought for their land and their rights. We should support them at all costs.

Because Israel didn’t attack first,you don’t have the facts right. Also Hamas and the PLO are a bunch of cowards who hide behind civilian shields instead of fighting in the open. And finally as far as the body count goes your off again but have your ever noticed when the U.S. fights an enemy we always kill a lot more than we lose, that’s called winning.

The big problem is the religious right in America seem to think it is their duty to support Israel no matter what. Some like to blame it on Jews in America, that’s nonsense. The problem is with fundamentalist Christians in America, not Jews.

Then there’s the whole 9/11 thing. Worst thing to happen to Palestine since the Naqba!

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