Why do some Americans hate all liberals even though the USA was founded by liberals?

The founding fathers were generally liberal-minded businessman. They rationalized the American revolution and formed the resulting government from some very liberal ideas for the time. The fact that colonies even considered breaking from the crown in itself was a liberal idea. The conservatives of the time wanted to stay as British subjects. Forming a Constitutional Democracy over a federation of states which clearly spelled out individual rights and freedoms was an extremely liberal idea.

American liberalism didn’t just stop with the revolution and the Constitution, but liberal ideas have shaped this country for the past 234 years. You’ve got the abolishment of slavery, universal suffrage, and civil rights, just to name a few liberal movements. Unless you believe that only white, land-owning, males should have a say in the country, I think you’d agree that we are better off with those liberal changes.

I’m a centrist. The world is an ever changing place and I see merit in exploring new ideas for making the US a better place to live. Liberals bring new ideas to the table far more than conservatives. However, not all liberal ideas (e.g., Marxism/Communism) are right for Americans as a whole and humanity in general. Conservatism reminds us of the principles in which this country was founded and serves as moderating force in the face of liberalism. I appreciate conservatives fighting against big government and big taxes, and fighting for our constitutional rights and balanced budgets. However, I don’t understand the hate, the personal attacks, the smear campaigns, and just the overall ugliness.

The term &quot:liberalism&quot: had a much different meaning back then than it does today. The founding fathers had some pretty liberal ideas such as religious freedom, freedom of speech, etc.

But the one &quot:liberal&quot: thing (by modern definitions) the founding fathers would have had a problem with is mob rule…Modern liberal ideology advocates Democracy and utilitarianism, both of which are strong manifestations of mob rule, letting the majority rule, etc. And the founding fathers were very much against tyranny of the majority.

Todays liberals are not the liberals of the 1700’s.

Liberals in 1776 is as far from liberals 2010 as you can get. This is like claiming the moon and Jupiter are the same. I can only LMAO

Liberals had to beg food from the Indians not to starve and have been begging for money every since

you dont seem to know what a liberal is… or even a republican for that matter. go read a book… a history book perferably and if you still feel that liberals OR republicans are good then your iq is to low to understand it.

Todays liberals are trash.

today’s liberals want to destroy the united states by stripping individual freedom states sovergnty

Today’s liberals have absolutely nothing in common with the Classical Liberals that founded our country.


and the moon is made of cheese!!!!!!!!

Because some people have their own opinions and maybe don’t know that. haha and maybe their naive.

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