Why is it racist if whites do not vote for Obama, but if blacks do not vote for Hillary it is Ok?

Obama gets anywhere from 25 to 35 percent of the white vote and we all celebrate his appeal to whites, but no one asks if blacks are bieng racist by voting for Obama in the 85-95 percent ratio. If whites voted for Hillary that way, it would be major news every day.

for the same reason as, if whites had an United Caucasian College Fund would be racist, although blacks have the United ***** College Fund

Screw it. None of us can change what’s going on right now. I just hope everyone gets disgusted enough to make an effort to be the best person they can be within themselves. If you focus on the ignorance of others, it’s easy to fall right into the same boat that they are in. Be the bigger person. Vote for who you want.

It’s hypocritical. It’s like saying, whites hate blacks, but blacks don’t hate whites. Both groups are polarized. However, traditionally, whites would not vote for a black man, so ppl are surprised and thus it is a bigger deal.

Cuz too many people want to turn everything into something.
And call fowl on everone but themselves.


That’s the magic of our society, one group can say something and do another thing while complaining that other groups didn’t do what they said.


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