Will Lebron James be as good a player as Michael Jordan and win at least 4 championships?

I believe Lebron James will be better than jordan. Stats would show that at this age he is better than jordan. Also he has less help than any top 5 player in the league beside kobe bryant. If he gets another top 8 around him in a trade, free agent, or draft pick and a good role player I think he will win 4-5 championships considering that Shaq, Duncan, may be 4 years away from retirement and there is no telling whether teams like the pistons and suns will be around if some of their players leave or retire of old age.

Barring a short career and with due respect to MJ, LBJ has the chance to become an even better player than MJ. LBJ has yet to develop a consistent perimeter game. Well, MJ didn’t start winning all those rings until he developed a mid-to-long range shot at a high consistency. LBJ has yet to do that but he has years ahead of him. MJ didn’t start winning until he was 32, that was when he started to believe in his teammates. MJ was primarily known as a slasher/dunker during his early years and gradually became the complete player that he was going to the latter part of his career.

LBJ is athletic, can pass, score, defend, handle the ball…can do it all… but he has to avoid taking ill-advised or low percentage shots like taking a 3 while fading to the left or right. but it’ll be scary once the kid grows up and develops a potent mid-to-long range shot!

I bet he’ll have at least a couple of rings before he is through witht the game.

Alot of people forget things, like Pippen, Kerr, Kukoc. MJ is one of the best, but LeBron can’t win the 4-5 ‘ships on his own. Cavs will not do it with the current support staff. Why didnt the Cavs get into the mix of the BIG multi-team trade OR its own trade? Now, I like Gibson, but he is not the complete answer.
For Centers: Ilgauskas was 8th in points, 8th in blocks and 7th in rebounds per game. This doesn’t work.
For Guards: ?? I think Gibson has proven he deserves the start. But, who is the 2nd G and 2nd F.

To recall the Bulls of 95-96, Harper, Jordan, Pippen, Rodman and Longley, and a bench that could have beaten 1/2 the NBA back then with Kerr, Kukoc, Wennington, Buechler, and Brown.
For Cavs, stick with Gibson and LeBron, maybe even Ilgauskas. But, an aging Snow and Marshall are not going to help.

Lebron’s got all the potential but he’s gonna be a different player than Jordan was. He’ll win at least 3-4 rings. He’ll do whatever it takes..scoring, passing whatever. He doesn’t have the need to score 25-30 a game-which is a weakness right now since he doesn’t have much scoring help.

Another reason he’ll win at least 3-4 rings, he’s not gonna pull a Garnett and stay with a losing team. Lebron can’t do that, hes gotta win, as he should with all that talent hes got.

LeBron James will never be as good as Michael Jordan. Jordan is one of the most dominate players in NBA history. LeBron will probably be 1 or maybe 2 Championships. But he will never win one back-2-back like Jordan. Jordan will go down in history and LeBron won’t get recognized as a great player.

Time will tell. Like someone said….everyone thought Kobe would be better than MJ, but now that he lost his role players, he is no where near as good. If Cleveland can surround LBJ with good role players, he will excell and may win a championship or two. It is all about the team, the team raises a star players ability.. that is just the way it is..

Whether James ever surpasses any number of Jordan’s records and averages is immaterial. James will always be in Jordan’s shadow, as is every other incredibly talented athlete. So long as we call Tiger Woods and others of his caliber the &quot:Michael Jordan of his/her sport,&quot: James and others like him will never surpass Jordan. Michael Jordan was a record setter, but he ushered in a new era of the NBA unparalleled since perhaps Pete Maravich. There were many greats in the league during and after Jordan’s time, but none brought national and international interest and monies into the NBA like Jordan’s star power.

Lebron is a great player with alot of upside and if he can continue his lvl of play then yes he will be better than Jordan.. The only thing is like you said Jordan has 6 rings and did things no one had seen before. Jordan had alot of showmanship which made him so amazing to watch. Plus Lebron needs to have a Mcdonalds commercial like MJ did with Larry Bird. Lol. Through the window, off the scoreboards, off the rafters nothin but net….. SWISH.

If he gets help, but right now he is surrounded by losers, if he breaks away from the cavs and moves to a better team, or the cavs give him help like Michael Jordan who had Scottie Pippen then he will win champions, but either way stat wise he will be way better then jordan.

yes and no
no because as u probably saw lebron did not show his true game during the championships but when it dosent come to being clutch he does very well
yes because if he can work on not b lowing it in times he is needed than he can reach MJ’s game

MJ was clutch in all of his championship games. He stepped it up a notch every championship game and even played top notch in season games

So it is up to Lebron to become as good as MJ

Until LeBron gets a solid supporting cast like Jordan did it won’t matter.

You have to keep in mind Jordan had Pippen and Rodman whom both were key elements in Jordan’s success.

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