will the v8 in a toyota lexus last as long as a 4 cylinder motor?

someone wants to trade me a 92 lexus with a v8, it has 211,000 miles on the motor. is that bad? and if it was taken care of maintanance wise, how long is the motor expected to last?

Bigger engines tend to last longer than smaller engines. They don’t need to be worked nearly as hard to get the same results. However its got 211k and is 17 years old. Its probably getting to the point where things will go wrong and you will need some money to keep it running even if it was well maintained.

All modern cars (Japanese, European, and American) are designed for 10 years and 150k miles. I would look somewhere else unless you just need something to last a few months.

Generally a V8 will last longer than a 4 cylinder, but Toyotas 4 cylinders seem to last longer than most V8s. I’ve never heard of many V8s last as long as a Toyota 4 cylinder. That Lexus V8 is really good too. 211,000 miles is decent mileage and some will say high. This is a Toyota engine!! I’ve seen more than a handful of these cars with over to 400,000 miles on them without an mechanical problems.

Yes they do.
That is bad. It might last another year or 2 at the most.

don’t go for the trade, it will probably require major maintenance to keep that car

engines will run a long time when they are maintained well.

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