Would I be Bipolar? opinion?

I wasn’t diagnosed or anything and am not really sure but it feels almost like i have some acute type of bi-polar because i was listening to a guy that was bipolar (motivational speaker) and talked about it… ive never tried to kill myself but i have these depression states that last a few weeks or so and its just like i feel like my life is hopless and everything and as he described it it feels like that… also he talked about a high in which i didnt know about but i have those where i think im at the top of the world and im perfect… i dont think i am really…but it seems like i can fit the description… anything un-normal there?

Bipolar disorder can be hard for some doc’s to diagnose because, when the person with the problem comes in to see them, they are depressed and that’s the only side that they see.

There are two types of bipolar disorder, type 1 and type 2. Type 1, is the major ups and downs and type 2 is less ups or downs or a major down and a mild high (normal), or the other way around. Nether of type 1 or 2 are fun in any way shape or form.

I have had type 2 bipolar disorder. For many years and as I get older it is getting worse, even with the help of drugs. Some days I can solve the worlds problems and other times I can’t get of bed for weeks. The biggest thing, at least for me, is to stay away from stress.

If you have any form of depression, I wish you well and find a doc who will listen to you. Hope this was helpful.

Yep, definately bipolar…BUT its nothing to be ashamed of. I am bipolar and was diagnosed in 1996. I was just like you, depression that lasted for weeks and then the high which is called manic. I went on meds and they saved my life. I WAS suicidal right before I got help.

Dont let it get that bad, Id go to a doc if you feel bad enough. If not, I wouldnt worry about it…but it sounds like you should see a doc about it. I wish you the best of luck. Dont let it get bad like I did. Life IS worth living…so many dont get help.

1. Try not to diagnose urself.
2. See a psych dr, if you really think you may.
3. Bi-Polar is two different conceptions, depression and manic
Depression is uni – polar

I personally think everyone could fit a diagnoses at one time or another. Noone is &quot:Normal&quot:

Go see a psychiatrist, they will do an evaluation. Highs and lows are part of life. Bipolar highs and lows cause you to lose control of yourself on either end and requires medication. Most psych’s will not diagnose bipolar until a person is hospitalized, but it can’t hurt to ask. There is a milder form of Biploar called cyclothymia that has less pronounced highs and lows.

It sounds like you have some of the signs, but it also sounds like you are funtioning well. If in doubt, talk with a psychologist. If you are making it to work, able to live your life, you may just need a tuneup (a few sessions of therapy). Getting help is the hardest step, so once you do that, you’ll start feeling better sooner. Good luck.

if u feel that u ‘could’ b, i dsee a doctor. the longer bi polar goes untreated the longer ppl hve 2 suffer with it. im not saying u r, but y take chances? the more u hve the hopeless feelings, the more life at its best is taken frm u, &amp: probably those around u. remember, unless u r a hermit, u hurt those around u by worrying about u. seek professional help, just 2 ease ur mind. &amp: get help if u need it.

The way this world is nowadays I’m surprise more people are not depressed,you might just be taking too many problems at once,best advice I can give is do not overdo it,deal with problems one at a time,humans are not computers,we have limits.

The only way to find out is to see a psychiatrist. NOT AN MD!!! A psychiatrist is more knowledgeable and may be able to put you on some meds to help your depression, highs and lows.

i think, from what you’ve described you need to go and be evaluated. If you’ve had &quot:high&quot: episodes followed by depressive episodes you may have some kind of disorder but not necessarily bi-polar. and if you do have bi-polar it is very manageable.

good luck.

Ok..so many mental health diseases mirror each other that it’s not even funny.What is a syptom of one is of many…yes, people can have multiple diorders but to be bi-polar is like having a light switch..you know….more over everyone around you will notice it

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