Do you think the Jews in Palestine/Israel deserve sympathy?

Lately I’ve been seeing Jewish friends on Facebook going on about how Jews in Israel are getting killed by angry Muslims and trying to spread awareness by posting about it. I find this to be ridiculously hypocritical. Yes there is no need for violence but the Jews STOLE Palestine from the Muslims and renamed the whole thing Israel with support from western nations without giving the Muslims a say. Putting your religious beliefs aside, do the Muslims not have every right to be angry? I for one think that the Jews who get all boo hoo about it really need a big slap upside the head. It’s inevitable that this would happen.

Not regarding religious beliefs, do you think the Jews have any right to be upset about something that they blatantly stole?

It is insane that people dont think its wrong for a group of people to come to a place where people have been living for a millenia and say &quot:We were here 1000 years ago.This is our land now&quot: and then proceed with slow genocide against the people who are living there.

I feel Sympathy for all the victims of any attacks, although Palestinians have it from a day to day basis, and it doesn’t hit the news, because its nothing new, but when the Palestinians try and resist, it hits all the headlines. They can’t even conclude that it was Palestinians attacking Israel, where as in Palestine Rockets come flying in with &quot:ISRAEL&quot: Written all over it.
Of course I’m not trying to justify anything but it really hurts to see people dying ! Especially the innocent.
So to answer the question, the families that lost a loved one because of the conflict all deserve a bit of sympathy: from any side. It’s just it seems to me, that Israel seek sympathy. They often state how they are &quot:Surrounded by Muslim countries that are plotting on wiping them off the map&quot: But seriously if it was in their best interest to kill Israelis , they would have done so. Evidently they don’t really want to harm anyone , but obviously the Palestinians have had enough of it all.

Technically, the Arabs (not all Arabs are Muslim) never owned that land in the first place. It was owned by the British and before that it was not owned by anyone. I honestly believe the Arabs do not have every right to be angry. The Israelis (not all Israelis are Jews), have a right to get upset over the violence, there is never a need for violence (at least in my opinion), but at the same time who should say that land was theirs to claim?

I do not agree with killing of Jews or Muslims whether they be in Palestine or Israel.
They are both humans and the Jewish people are not the fault of a the few extremists who are killing Palestinians.

You are putting Jews in a box like how some people put Muslims in the box of ‘terrorists’

Jews never &quot:stole&quot: Israel. Also, Jews had no land to themselves. After the Holocaust, the Jews were in dire need of their own country to keep themselves safe. The Jews had no land of their own at all, and the Muslims had many different Arab countries. The Jews were very willing to share Israel with the Muslims, since it’s a holy land for both of the religions, but the Muslims wanted it to themselves.

It’s a tiny freaking piece of land. The fact that there is any violence because of Israel is ridiculous. Who cares who it belongs to? Nobody has any right to kill another person, no matter what kind of point they’re trying to prove.

Both sides are wrong. Both sides are a little right too. Much like in the North of Ireland, you have people who are living there and whose families have been living there for generations. I think Israel needs to back the eff off, and so does Palestine. They should compromise and live together in peace.

How do you think the Palestinians got the land? For that matter, the USA got some of its land through wars too and we were not attacked first, as Israel was.

No, because anyone that’s an enemy to Israel is an enemy to God and he is
the last one you want to have as an enemy.
If you can find any, ask the Hitties,Amelikites,Jebusites,Phillistine…
and all those other ites that messed with Israel over the centuries.they don’t
even exist anymore.

Not sympathy, they deserve to live in peace. As do their neighbours deserve to live in peace.


Not believing in anything I just sit,
listening to my breathing
After thirty years
It still goes in and out.

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