I am a registered republican, Will I be able to vote for Obama in November?

Yes you can. But right after voting that way they will ask you to reregister to the party of Morons.

Well, you can vote for Obama if you want. However if you are voting for Obama you are not now and never were a republican. The man stands for everything republicans hate. Abortion, higher taxes, larger federal government, more entitlements and ever more ways to take money from the American people who actually work and give it to those who have never and will never work. I know of no true republican who will vote for Obama. I am not particularly fond of McCain but I will vote for him everyday and twice on Sunday as long as his opponent is Obama.

It relies upon. interior the customary elections, the quite a few states have distinct policies as to once you are able to sign in, and how that is affecting the thank you to vote. working example, in Texas, the republicans have been able to quickly re-sign in as democrats so as that, basically some days later, they might bum-rush the polls and vote for hillary (reason evidentally texans hate Obama). right here in my state (PA), you are able to declare you’re occasion and get registered a minimum of 23 days earlier the customary, so there is only no longer any of that nonsense (or a minimum of alot much less of it). i’m voting for Clinton as quickly as i’m getting out of artwork

Yes…registration only matters during the first election, the party election. During the &quot:real&quot: election you are free to vote for whom ever you please so long as you are registered to vote, affiliation does not matter.

Edit*** why would someone go thru and give all thumbs down…I don’t get it?! were our answers wrong?

Absolutely. Your party affiliation does not prevent you from voting for a democrat in a general election.

Absolutely, what you are registered as is only used for statistical purposes. You can vote for whoever you want

Yes! It’s only the primary elections in which you’re only allowed to vote for your party’s candidates.

You can vote for whomever you want in the general election. Party affiliation only matters in the primaries.

Only if you drink enough koolaide, mutter the Socialist Manifesto, and empty your bank account to send to congress to spend willy nilly in anticipation of the tax-rape you will receive once Obama is elected!

Yes. The only time you can not vote for the opposing side is during the primary, and that is only if your state is closed…

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