In debt…need to know ways to earn extra money? Already work 2 jobs…?

My husband and I are in debt, and have credit cards in collections due to him losing his job. He recently got a job a month and a half ago, and works 7 days a week, I work 2 jobs 1 full time and one part time, we need to know legit ways to earn extra money so we can pay off these credit cards and collectors and be debt free, and stay that way! Please serious answers only! Please help we are serious and want to live debt free!

We don’t want credit card consolidators or debt relief or debt management we want to pay them off with out hard earned money and be debt free!

Honestly, as someone who had about 13000 in vehicle debt and 12000 in credit card debt, and pays 600+ in cash child support and about another 2-300 in medical/dental/school fees… you are doing all you can.

It took me a few years of working and working hard to pay it off. But, just keep your eyes on the prize and don’t make silly little mistakes.

A coach taugth me in junior high a very important saying, and it is so true…

Make all the easy plays, and half the had ones.

In personal finance, the easy plays are not nickeling and diming yourself to death.

The hard ones are choices like – where to work, where to live, how many kids to have, how much schooling you should get.

First relax. You are going to get sick and that is really expensive ( especially if if your husband or you don’t have health care).

If you and your husband are working this hard and cannot pay the debt you overextended yourself before. Maybe is time to think in bankruptcy. If you don’t want that then you have to work with a debt consolidation agency. There is not other viable way.

Good Luck

Well you can try garage sales and craiglist to sell some stuff you dont want anymore.

I think you should reconsider credit card consolidators. They really can help people who are having problems making their monthly payments.

You can also watch Suze Orman on MSNBC, she usually has a lot of helpful tips and maybe you could even call in and ask for her advice.

Good luck!

Well if u r really in Bad condition and u dont have money .
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Good Luck!

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